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RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Oggy Ten - 09-07-2017

Lol we have a different view of Dr. Pulaski. When I realized she replaced Crusher, I had to convince myself that Crusher will return because all canon events and movies I remember from childhood had Crusher and not Pulaski. To me she felt like a misplaced character. Her personality and technophobic tendencies should be acceptable in Archer's era/timeline not onboard Enterprise D. But that's just my biased preference  Smile

Edit: btw, I you're skipping TNG episodes, don't miss ones with Klingons, Romulans, Spock, Sarek, Dr. Soong, Maquis, Borg and Q (simply for being an entertaining character). Don't know the title of the alternate timeline episode with Enterprise C in it, it's got some content about Tasha Yar and
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her daughter

You don't have to worry too much with missing out on Picard, Data, Troi, Wesley, Geordi, Beverly and Will the TNG movies should fill you in when you get to watch them. Unless of course if you're interested in the usual char developments and the minor details.

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Oggy Ten - 09-26-2017

Star Trek Discovery, after seeing the 2-part prologue is awesome. I will not hate as long as they stay within Trek continuity, historical events and lore. The aesthetical improvements are awesome.
I also like how their uniforms look like evolved versions of the one Archer and his crew wore. Not pajamas Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Next stop, The Orville!

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Garou - 09-26-2017

Just watched both Discovery and The Orville. The latter feels more Star Trek than the former.

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Oggy Ten - 10-05-2017

Tempting as they are, I have learned from experience that online Trek groups contain too much...  Ehrm,  TOO MUCH cancer.  Be better if you join a heavily modded group like the DS9 group I'm in.
Many long time fans reject anything that isn't an exact duplicate of TOS or the 90's lore.  I swear,  those narrow-minded ass hats will be the death of the franchise.  They already crippled ENT in the 2000's and too much negativity with Discovery.  New Kirk,  well,  I love it as long as it stays alternate universe.

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Garou - 10-19-2017

Did some research and found out something: Voq is played by Javid Iqbal. However, there is no actor with that name.
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The latest episode introduces a new character Ash Tyler, a human Starfleet officer, played by Shazad Latif, whose full name is supposedly Shazad Latif Iqbal.

Way back in December, Shazad was announced to portray T'Kuvma's right-hand man, Kol. However, after some reworking of the scripts, Kol was renamed Voq and the role went to a "Javid Iqbal" while the Kol name is given to a different Klingon character. Shazad is then given the Ash Tyler role.

In the previous episode, L'Rell comments that she comes from a House of spies and liars and tells Voq that he must sacrifice everything he is if he is to prove that he is the one to lead the Klingons. The sacrifice likely being his Klingon identity. As to how he became human. I'm gonna assume it has something to do with the augment virus.

Another interesting thing: Voq is almost white. You could say he is of an ashen complexion and the name of his human disguise is Ash

EDIT: I just remembered that Lorca has a "Chekov's Gun", his pet tribble.

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Hypereia - 11-18-2017

Just started on season 7 on TNG, I think I can finally see why people say TNG is better than Voyager; but I now hold them in equal regard. I've also warmed up to Beverly Crusher as of recent. It seems as if she has matured into her role a bit more as the series progressed.

I still really like Ms. Pulaski, if only because she seemed a bit more believable in the clinical sense of her role, and for her disagreements with Picard.

I want to mention two little things that caught my attention, wonder if anyone has any thought about them:

Possible spoilers from earlier in the series for anyone:

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In the episode Picard makes a visit to Starfleet Academy and checks up on Wesley, Wesley's squad leader looks mighty familiar.

I was like, holy shit! This is Tom Paris! But it's not, but Tom's background and this guy's have some similarities. I read more into it, and it appeared that when Voyager was being written, they wanted to use Nicholas Locarno's character but didn't want to have to pay royalties to the scriptwriter for that episode or something.

But boy, would it have been great if that could have been overlooked and it was canonically Tom. Wow!

Another thing to bounce around, can't remember the episode, but it was where the Enterprise was docked in a bay, and being de-irradiated , when Picard accidentally runs into a group of mercs/terrorists that want to steal a waste bi-product from the reactor to sell on the black market - The guy Picard encountered, and later knocked out, appears to be Tuvok?

I believe later, when Picard went back to transport the Tuvok-doppleganger, to get him away from the energy beam, he vanished, never to be seen again. How very odd...

I apologize if my descriptions were vague, if need be, I can maybe try to find the episode numbers, I just found these interesting little tidbits. I have not yet looked into the episode I speak of regarding the Tuvok lookalike for more information.

One might say when he regained consciousness, he headed back their ship and waited until the terrorist leader had the canister, and beam back aboard; but maybe he just had a mid-life crisis and reassessed what he was doing with his life, (found another ship, or took a shuttle from onboard) and then chose to enter Starfleet Academy to later appear on Voyager. (Come on people, it's a joke, don't kill me!) Big Grin

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Hypereia - 12-12-2017

Just finished TNG and started on DS9. Wow, this is a perfect follow-up. I'm really enjoying the series so far, as well as some of the cast carry-over.

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Oggy Ten - 12-14-2017

Lol Hyperia. This is one of my favorite Star Trek funny moments
Tuvok neck pinched
[Image: yO3en]
Absolute pawnage =D

Edit. Uh why cant i post pics?

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Andy Chan - 12-14-2017

(12-14-2017, 07:54 PM)Oggy Ten Wrote: Lol Hyperia. This is one of my favorite Star Trek funny moments
Tuvok neck pinched
[Image: GZGpz7x.jpg]
Absolute pawnage =D

Edit. Uh why cant i post pics?
You forgot the .jpg.

RE: Multiple Trekgasms - Oggy Ten - 12-15-2017

Lol haha tnx fixing it =D