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Super Robot Wars U(?) - Top Nep - 11-18-2018

So alperantly the cast list for the new game was accidentally leaked.

 [Image: f5edGuv.jpg]

Zambot 3 
Daitarn 3 


Cross Ange 
New Getter 
GGG Final 

Mazinger Infinity 
Sakura Taisen 
Saber Marionette J 
Chouja Raideen (1996)
Macross Delta

Takenhead though that this could still  be faked.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - thebigb - 11-18-2018

Pretty sure this is fake.
I would hate to claim this fake and it ends up being real, I want to get hyped.

Daitarn 3 again lol.
Daitarn 3 was really fun in A Portable and it kinda just there in V and Banjo was even worse in X.

Zambot 3.
Fun in AP and Fun in V.

No, Sirbine? Why?

ZZ, CCA, Victory, Unicorn
No Hi-Nu, No Hathway and No Zeta
Sure, I'm glad Zeta is gone but... why?
Victory.. yech, Victory doesn't exist anymore.

EW, Destiny
Really no 00 and why Destiny coming back?

Cross Ange
Cross Ange again, Yay!!! Ange is the next Gundam Seed Destiny it will be in every SRW game for now on.

New Getter
It's better than no Getter but... New Getter not Shin Getter?

GGG, Final
I'm happy

As for the debuts, wow they are really cool.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - Top Nep - 11-18-2018

Cross Anges plot pretty much makes it adaptable to any srw plot. Helps Nana Mizuki is a huge attraction.

Daitran 3 needs to take a hike though.

Id love Macross Delta but they need to fix the awful plot where the actual protagonists got shafted for the entire thing and ended with it trying to glorify the Nazi Youth antagonists. And yes thats apt because the Windmere enemies were straight up more Nazi then Zeon.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - thebigb - 11-18-2018

What robot is on that Pic?
It's read and white with Wings

I need to rewatch Delta, I didn't like it.

I agree Daitarn needs to take a hitch, but it was fun was AP despite being boring in Y and X.
They can make Daitarn 3 be fun.

I like Cross Ange, find it funny it would now be in the same number of games than Code Geass and Gurren Laggan.

Kinda want this List to be real.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - Kicksville - 11-18-2018

I haven't seen Saber Marionette J - does that have anything giant in it or just solid cheating?

Mazinger Infinity, IBO, and Delta (which I keep forgetting about) seem like the most obvious guesses.

That is a pretty decent amount of new and new old stuff though, isn't it? Probably the biggest thing that makes me skeptical, although it's not impossible. Did anyone actually save the page or whatever this is from?

I want Victory back personally, but I do want V and G-Reco in the same game...

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - Top Nep - 11-18-2018

Same, I highly enjoyed Cross Ange. Most of the people whonvdg mad about it for some reason seem to miss the the point that Fukuda and crew basically made it to poke fun of mecha and other genres.

No clue on the pic. Maybe the original? It looks kind of bug like like based on a Dunbine design.

Same. Its weird but itd be good. And thankfully no FMP again.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - yazi - 11-18-2018

The mech in the pic is Salamander's unit from Cross Ange, look at the head antenna/tail and the wings.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - Andy Chan - 11-18-2018

This time, I'm interested. New Getter, Sakura Taisen, IBO. What's with Saber Marionette J tho LOL.
That is, if this "leak" is correct.

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - Nickless One - 11-18-2018

It does seems sort of believable, what with the ratio of reused assets/new series and likely synergies

Zambot/IBO/V Gundam - child soldiers
Daitarn/IBO - Mars
ZZ/Gaogaigar - Jupiter
New Getter/Dunbine/Sakura Taisen - pseudoscientific/metaphysical stuff (this Getter is the one with Abe no Seimei and the Oni Gods, so it isn't just the usual pseudoscience)

RE: Super Robot Wars U(?) - yazi - 11-18-2018

Sakura Taisen isn't too surprising, it was in the project X zone games which were made by Bandai. Plus, Sega had Virtual On and Hatsune Miku in previous games, so Sega already has a foot in SRW before, lol.