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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
Scenario 40: Endless Day by Day (MITHRIL Route)

Damn, for some reason I forgot all about Sousuke's buddy "Al". Sousuke finally gets his final attack (?) which consists of an aether close-range punch. Gates is finally gone. Can't wait unil we get to use Tessa's battleship in space stages. That thing is a sniping monster. I don't remember it being this strong in J or W. We're finally going to tackle the Japan route and then move on. We're almost done with 3.1.

[Image: WtLVTsx.jpg]
Don't mess with nerds.
It was OP in J and W.
Just that it never joined the J and W groups.
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Reply Constraint, how's it going?
Scenario 36: Melancholy Outside the Battle (Japan Route)

As if Trider G7 wasn't op enough, it gets some upgrades (no new attacks.) I'm glad they didn't half ass the animations with Gunbuster. That would have been inexcusable. SRW needs more Gunbuster. Another stage in which I don't have much to comment on. At this point, I sometimes wonder if it's worth even playing all the routes. Maybe I just feel this way towards Z3.1. One thing is for sure, I'd be scared as hell if I went up against Gunbuster. Noriko isn't afraid to deliver the electric chair to you.

Speaking of which, it's pretty cool that Kaworu is the same one from MX and Alpha 3. I wish they could have made him reference those entries a bit more and troll the characters.

[Image: mzbDkBR.png]

Scenario 37: Guura's Wish (Japan Route)

 A Tetsujin-28 stage where we get to fight against an alien named Duncan and his disco ship. This is probably the easiest route since you have most of your super robot crew in tow. The space devil creates a black hole near the Tokyo Tower but Guura pleads with him not to do so. Did we just forget that Simon can undrill the black hole? Good fucking grief... Mazinger has 2900 armor (maxed upgrade) and that's without even having any items equipped. 

[Image: I6VdNW8.png]
Scenario 38: A Warm Voice (Japan Route)

 Uhhh, not much to say here again. For some reason, all three routes had to have the "same" stage focusing on Analotta attacking our crew. The only fully upgraded unit on my team is the Genion. The second of which will be Gunbuster.. who's already ridiculously strong. I didn't even know it had an axe at its disposal. It really is a shame Rei only has two attacks. I thought she was popular as hell in Japan? As usual, Gadlight saves Analotta from getting wrecked. Lol, Godmars' final attack goes up to 7600 when fully upgraded :O. Is that even his last attack? I don't think so. I really do want to like Dancouga Nova but it's the only main unit in which I skip the animations for during boss fights. It has really odd animations..

[Image: r7munt6.png]
Yes, she's hotblooded. 

Scenario 39: Gathering of Light (Japan Route)

Nia rejects Simon's proposal to marry which severely demoralizes the guy down to 70 will when deployed. But this changes as soon as Space Devil summons a lot of bug aliens for us. The more we kill, the more money we earn. I welcome it. Also, Guura shows up as a temporary reinforcement and isn't too shabby. I always remembered temporary reinforcements from earlier SRW entries to be useless. We're almost done with the routes and on the way to advancing the damn story.

[Image: 8p0OoTm.jpg]
Kind of sucks that this cut-in doesn't trigger against solo units.
Eva unit 0 has always been a bad unit in SRW games... Rei is more of a defense/support pilot and her spirit commands are made that way too. Rei's popularity doesn't really mean much for her unit and even in each anime incarnation unit 0 is pretty limited in what it can do.
(For some reason, I thought she had more attacks in Alpha 3 the last time I had briefly played it. Particularly the Longinus Spear but I guess she doesn't have it due to the movie adapatation.. which I haven't seen yet.)

Scenario 40: Sealed Darkness (Japan Route)

 There's a whole lot of nothing to say here. We get to see a glimpse of Zeus but it doesn't matter because we're not taking the Defy Destiny route. This is also a huge cash-grab stage so it was worth the droll undertaking. Brocken is finally gone for good. Now that we've finally reunited the team - my top three ace pilots are: Hibiki, Alto and Kei Katsuragi.. unsurprisingly. I made sure to get hit & away for every unit before moving on. Does anyone else find Daiguard a boring series? I couldn't watch the show due to it being incredibly boring. I wouldn't even care if it was never used post-Z. I'd say its novelty wore off after seeing it in Z2.

[Image: utkiDkQ.png]
I enjoyed Daiguard because it was a slice of life Super robot show with adults rather than kids. Also had amusing humor too. It was a refreshing take on the super robot genre when taking in the corporate elements, kind like how Nadesico did things. But Daiguard stayed pretty light hearted which is a plus for me. Is it relevant post Z2? Not really, but the interactions are amusing especially in some FMP related stages.

Reason Daiguard was added to SRW Z2 apparently was because the director of 00, asked the SRW staff to add in Daiguard which he also directed.

Although I think its a pity not taking the Defy Destiny route since that is kind of closer to being the happier ending route of the 2 routes although that doesn't really matter much going into Z3 part 2 which has elements of both routes.
(Nadesico was an awesome surprise for me. I didn't expect to enjoy it but it was a fun show. I just could not get into Daiguard.)

Scenario 41: Twin Red Comets

The Neo Zeon crew are helping us out in fending off some space aliens... lots of them. Which means.. a lot of money. We also get introduced to "King" and "Queen" from the enigmatic Chronos organization. Also, no I did not let Hathaway get a kill. (Kind of sad how his fate ends up.)

[Image: 1yeYhu5.png]
One of the better Z3 cut-ins

Scenario 42: The Day the Goddess Came (Vacation Route)

Filler Bonta-kun stage. Lots of money. Shin Getter is almost fully upgraded. Next up is Gurren Lagann for obvious reasons.

[Image: rqXtzre.png?1]
What is this pose...?
I like Daiguard
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