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The Comics Thread!
I recall we used to have one in the last board, so might as well revive it Big Grin

Anyway, DC's Rebirth stuff has been pretty hot even after the initial Watchmen tease, and Marvel's Civil War II has just started as well.

What's everyone's reading these days? I'm currently a fan of SpiderGwen and Silk ehehehe
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
DC rebirth? 2nd CW ?
Whats that about?
Spoil away

Also, anybody know if Marvel gonna make a 3rd Marvel Knights Animated Comics Season or not, they have been silent since Wolverine VS Sabrtooth Rebirth (which just went under the radar, no advertising and what not).
Oh, no other posts about Rebirth yet!

Well, for those who aren't up to date, Rebirth is DC's imitative that aims to bring back elements from the old continuity into the continuity created 2011 in the New 52, but it's done in a way that makes it easy for new readers to understand.

For example, The Rebirth one shot brings back Wally West from the Post-Crisis continuity, though it builds his backstory as you go along, so if a new reader has no idea who Wally is, they're still good to go. Though, having some idea of who he is would make for better context.

To start, DC's releasing a bunch of one shot books that explain upcoming changes and those will be followed by ongoing titles.

Anyway, JL's Darkseid War arc was amazing. the JL Rebirth book was kind of eh, to be honest. I will truly miss Geoff Johns' writing. He made Justice League worth reading.
I have an issue with the art on JL Rebirth >.<

Though agreed, Darkseid War was FUN
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
I've been reading a lot of non-cape comics.
(07-09-2016, 02:31 AM)Garou Wrote: I've been reading a lot of non-cape comics.

Image and stuff?
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Have you read Final Days of Superman? It made me want to go back and read the older New 52 Superman stories.
(07-09-2016, 05:55 AM)Shin Justice Wrote: Have you read Final Days of Superman? It made me want to go back and read the older New 52 Superman stories.

I honestly haven't. I already put it on my backlog unfortunately
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
It's worth the read. Especially now that we're moving onto Daddy Superman Big Grin
(07-09-2016, 05:18 AM)Khrysler Jerikho Wrote: Image and stuff?

Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and Boom. I'm also reading some comics from defunct publishers (First) or lines (Epic and Helix). Majority of the comics I've been reading are sci-fi or horror themed.

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