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The Comics Thread!
Why is there 2 Comic Discussion Threads?
I made the mistake of making a third thread. Fortunately, it has been locked! Let it stand as an emblem for me to dwell on.

Started reading comics all over again. This time, tackling 100 Bullets (Vertigo) and A+X (Marvel).
Marathoned through the whole The Sixth Gun series.
A+X is okay so far. Haphazard quality is to be expected with its presentation and all. Noteworthy issues were the ones with Black Widow/ Rogue and Doop/ Iron Fist.
Still reserving judgment on 100 bullets. The first story arc was just awful though.... UGH. (The one with the gang/police)
Been on a reading binge:
Birthright vols 1-4
Descender vols 1-3
Five Weapons vols 1-2
Harrow County vols 1-4
Spread vols 1-3
Trees vols 1-2
COWL vols 1-2
The Mantle
Wunderwaffen vols 1-6
Appleseed vols 1-4
Ghost in the Shell vols 1-3

Finished reading Huck just now.
EI8TH vol 1
I Am Legion
Hoax Hunters vols 1-3
Deep State vols 1-2
Outcast vols 1-3 + #19-22
Olympus #1
Carthago #1-5

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