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Fate/Grand Order
So, anyone else play this?

It's mobage based on the Fate/ franchise. Been playing it for about a year now, and so far enjoying it for the most part (even if the Gacha rates are pretty bull shit and ART Dink cna't stop screwing up)
I used to play it, was fun for a while Smile

i played till recently stooped on the Onegashima event since apparently i can't even participate on their events because of the connection problems, so decided to quit it.

didn't lost much i had only a single SSR character and like 5 or 6 Sr's

their summons stuff is also pretty bad, they should remove those support image things from the summons and put it as rewards or on separate summons it was pretty lame when i used a lot of stones i keep getting those things lol
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Comes down to luck I suppose. The gacha is pretty bull shit most of the time, though they often have really easy events that give out tons of free rare items, ascension materials, and even free 4* Servants. An old chap I know just barely started the Onigashima event a few hours ago and already has the free Rider Kintoki. We should be having the summer Swim Suit special event soon though. So far the 3 known swimsuit sercants are believed to be Mary Reed, Mordred, and that one 3* assassin. Yukihime or somthing.

Sadly a lot of people recently got screwed art though. They blocked off people not using standard devices, and people using chinese devices as well.

So far I've managed to snag these without ever needing to spend real cash. People have said I'm lucky, but I beg to Differ. (Because I never got Virgin Bero Bride =(

[Image: VE38Si7.jpg]

Jeanne Alter is still best girl though, and by that I mean both literally best girl, and Broken as all fuck. She wrecks everything. Plus based Mayaa Sakamoto.
[Image: BzZXLVu.jpg]
I'm so happy I can play this again. Trying to rush through the event as much as possible, I need Kintoki Rider.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Kintoki Rider by far one of the coolest servants so far. His NP is easly one of the best as well.

Also he even has Rider Kick.
wow you got so many characters lol

i had only 7 run all the way till America and have no drive to continue with the game anymore, i may return one day if they fix the servers and decide to take out those image things from the summons, one thing is getting them as rewards, another is summon for characters and get tons of those things.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I doubt they ever will. If they did, they'd just thow in more crap tier 3* and below servants to balance it out. Also since F/GO apparently makes a TON of money. Every event, you can find 2ch and twitter posts, about peole who whale hard on it and get nothing. One notable one last year was around 60,0000 yen, and nothing. Another was of a guy who put a loan on his car, and couldn't pull the 5* he wanted.

Next area is Camelot.

Well, looks like nothing to roll for here. Guess I'm going all out on the ecstasy event.

Also based Mashu.
Sounds like my friend who used up almost $1000 in the game and still doesn't get the character he wanted.
One thing Gacha game taught me is that gambling doesn't pay. ^^
Yeah. Aside from the like $1 for account security purposes I've been told about, I don't spend any cash on these games at all. Too much of a logical mind set.

Why spend a ton of cash trying to get an Oleeve or Mode Red when I only have a 4% chance to get it, when I can spend that cash on a normal game I can play for hundreds of hours.
Damn, red oger is dying fast this time. Blue seemed like it took forever. Guess Orochi almost has his 4 lighters now. XD

Also 1 year Anniversary talk.

There's peaked interest in having an event where they bring back the Distribution Servants.

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