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Peaky Blinders
[Image: shelby.jpg]

I tried this on Netflix last month when I was in the mood for some early 1900's setting. This one is about a post-WW1 gangster clan of gypsy bloodline led by an ex-soldier middle-son determined to make the family "move up into the world". The main antagonist is a seemingly respectable police captain with a hidden ruthlessness. In this show, right and wrong is dictated not by laws but by principles and every hand is dirty.

I can say everything about this show has been done before. If you want something original this is not the show to see. But it's winning formula isn't in originality or uniqueness. This show is well written, well-paced and most of all, very engaging. You'll most likely have few dull moments when you watch this show from fist episode til the last of season 2. I know there is already a season 3 but I'm willing to wait for it to end so I can watch it continuously.
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This show reminded me that Sam Neill, when he wants to, can really act.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
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oooh! Season 3 is complete it seems. And looks like there'll be a season 4.
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