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Dragonball Super
Um... Hunter X Hunter was not done by Toei.... Nippon Animation worked on the original series, then Madhouse took over in 2011. It being Madhouse probably explains the consistent animation.
Super's animation has definitely improved, and ehh, I dunno that I mind a LITTLE reuse, especially stuff I wouldn't have noticed without the internet and intentional intro callbacks.

In fact, sometimes, there is very particular attention to detail...

Tonights whole episode felt like a but "**** You" to Broly, and especially Broly fans, and I loved it. Kale going full mentally retarded and then jobbing to easily at the end was great. Too bad an entire half an episode got wasted on a jobber trash character.

Also it may sound cruel, but I'm enjoying the tears of people who are now mad the Broly isn't canon. (because he never was and nothing from the old movies ever was)

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]


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