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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Made it to the final chapter of FFXV.

Punished Noctis is the greatest FF Design of all time. Cloud, Leon, Tidus, you can go sit in the children's section until you manage to grow beards or at least a curly moustache.
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Finished the main story of FFXV.
[Image: vDP9Uut.jpg]

All I'll say is that scene post/mid credits. Where they're at the campfire before the final trip where Noctis just lets it out and says it......I'm not ashamed to admit, that I teared up along with them. I'm still rubbing my eyes. That scene was just one of the most impactful ones in any game for me in probably ever.

FFXV was far from the best final fantasy game, But it's easily my favorite final Fantasy. and one of my favorite JRPGs now. I just loved the 4 mains so much, the modern setting, the aesthetic, all of it. At no point no matter how fucked up things went did it ever stop being a story about 4 Bros. After I finished Sen IV, I didn't think a group would get to me as much as the Cass VII's did, (Except Machias and Emma because no one cares about Machias and Emma) but this game did it for me.
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Rest easy, old chaop. You've earned it.
[Image: HPi7oMA.jpg]

Old Noctis is the only other person I'll refer to as my King besides my lyrical loli King.....

ALso Haha, at the cup of noodles quest.
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Playing Ace Combat 7 now. Waiting on my download code for Ace Combat 5 HD digital download to be sent in via email because of preordering the game.

Game is fun and has some interesting new mechanics. Its harder too and more strict when it comes to getting S or even A ranks in the 1st place... Its good to be back to a real and full Ace Combat game again. It helps that 7 has more direct connections to both Ace Combat 4 and 5. 4 is still my favorite game in the series... wish 4 got the HD treatment instead of 5 but 5 is still quite fun and good too.
Finally finished cleaning up FFXV. Now to tackle the DLC and MP stuff.

You're all diamonds...
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