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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
"Accidentally" platinumed Bloodstained. It's not as long as SOTN but it's still fun. Certain equipment and shards are overpowered.
Finished Detroit: Become Human.
What you do with one character can and will screw up the other characters.
This game is good!

But, I'm not gonna replay it so soon.
Back to Judgment, I got a pervert trio to catch. Big Grin
I actually didn't realize for a while that best character Hank was Mr.Krabbs.

Picked up Sen II kai again. Seeing all these forshadowings, hints, etc after already beating III and IV makes things hilarious.

Though he english localization is still as grating. Mainly when a character says a single word, line, or even just a gasp or a groan but the English text translates it as an entire sentence because the localize rs/translators usually get paid by the word in the west.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Just found Shogi place in Judgment. Thing is, it's located in a weird place.
Can't even beat the easiest opponent, tho. XD

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