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Gundam IronBlooded Orphans General
Azee will show up to save them, with Orga and Lafta.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Azee did say she was coming by to pick them up/escort them to Earth. And they still have the Isarabi, but they have to escape from Mars first, which is still a possibility albeit a very difficult one. And that's probably only the ones escaping the tunnels rather than the ones fighting and creating a diversion.
... I'm rather worried I admit, we are on the last episode after all.
I expect the Death count to still raise.
(03-26-2017, 11:28 PM)ryoga316 Wrote: In fact

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they already lost

even if Mika menages to kill of everyone else they already lost, Mika its crippled for life outside the Gundam and whiteout Orga he will just die anyway.

Macgillis could have helped him but them again he is dead now, they didn't accomplished anything, and didn't reached anything, all that Tekkadan did was move outside of mars and die.

Koudelia didn't accomplished anything as well, her character theme fells short and pale.

the message of this anime is strength and effort accomplish nothing, corruption however does. (not far from the real world truth i think)

the tittle of the next episode feels funny at this point since we already know what will happen to everyone non Rustall side

Or even worse, it could end like
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the film Scarface
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Legend of Galactic Heroes: the heroes lose but one of the villains end saving the day instead

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