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Gundam IronBlooded Orphans General
I hope it don't happens and they let this show to sleep, its my last post on this thread so here is my serious point of view:

Iron Blooded Orphans its bad developed.

 We begin this show on the company of Orga(who lets face it he is the main character, Mikazuki is just there killing things), who lived a live of a slave along with other persons around his age, they had no place, and also no future, no education and almost nothing to strive for, till they decide to take over the company that they worked due to being severely abused, they do that by committing the first series of crimes that they would do on the anime killing everyone else there.

after we saw Barbatos and Mikazuki that fight and kill soldiers, i won't blame him for killing Ein teacher who was a soldier, and soldier enters on a battlefield knowing that they can die on these situations, they became criminals and flee, among them Koudelia, she wanted to see how those people lived, and she wanted to give them a better future.

her father wanted her dead along with some politicians, and some S1 runs among that, and adventures to reach earth and know how things are there. Macgillis is show as a cold and intelligent man, that had some plot to reform Gahalhorn, he commits crimes and deceive people and arrive at his place by betraying his own family and best friend, Magcillis kills soldiers and even if he betrays Gaelio he was not a civil, he was a soldier with a MS, that came to battle.

S2 begins from where we stooped...i won't discuss much because s2 was all over the place, we where show why Gundams where made, and we have our famous last second all powerful weapons, Orga losing sigh of what he wanted and being pressured by Mika to continuing the battles, till he reach "somewhere".

the problem with S2 and its ending its how unrealistic it is, and how cheap it fells.

Russtall now its seeing by many show supporters like "a great leader, a good man that kept peace and order", " a great strategist that reformed the world".....  and that's sorta of scary for me, we are talking about a man that:

~ slaughter on Dort workers, because they wanted best work conditions, it was reveled by Koudelia that it was Galahorn that planned a space branch...
[Image: E6llUKE.png]

~ After Yok uses the illegal weapons he hides him from Macgillis investigation, showing that: 1 -  he was just using illegal weapons all this time, 2 - he hides Yok crimes because its convenient for him, also protects Yok from investigations after he worked with the mafia, so we know that Rustall don't care for Law.
[Image: PHNVo3z.jpg]

~ Started a War between 2 economic blocks, we see this and see how it ends, we know that he did it, its clearly there showing all the suffering that it produces and all the civilians and kids that die.

~ Plans to shoot a Deinslief on his own forces, and "luckly" has several of them ARMED. showing that he don't respect any law.

~ he call Tekkadan and human debris on the show using terms such as:  Rats, Dogs and human trash, this is show on numerous scenes and we are supposed to believe that now he cares and will reform the world?

And here I'm baffled and completely amazed that this character, is now a "admirable leader", that people compare him to Scirocco or Haman, its really scary how people see this things, Rustall its seem as "got the world in order and killed the terrorists from Tekkadan", no he didn't ^^''''''

he killed tons of other people too, its not a problem of him killing Tekkadan, its a problem of his character being not developed to be something other than a second class villain with no good traits, that suddenly decides that he is now a democratic man that will reform the world.

he had no character development, are we supposed to believe that Rustall will reform the world? Rustall? really? nothing of his schemes are even investigated, he get away with everything that he does easily. 

and that's my view on this show, i hate the world "self-insert", as i like to write stories sometimes and i don't like to use this term, because its too depreciative, so i won't, but they should have wrote more on Rustal and Jullietta, give them more scenes, more background, cover more of those two so on the end we would at least fell more satisfied with what happened, even if Jullietta has a lot of scenes she don't even has her past brought up on a episode.

Maybe showing her past and how she meets Rustall and what man he was and in what he believes, and what was his goal would made the show a lot better, its not about the side who won or not, its just that the side that won was NOT developed on the show course.

so we end with a bad ending because I'm sure that Okada knows what's going on Juliletta's and Rustall heads, but we don't, people just make assumptions we don't know, the show don't provide this info, we knew what was on Macgillis and Orga head sure, even the Mafia boss guy we half of knew, but not Rustall he was never developed.

and for this reason and this sole reason i find the ending bad but.

if they make a movie i hope that its a recap of everything explaining Rustall motivations, the ending cannot change, an arrow shoot cannot come back, people will remember this one, so they better work on with this one.

kicking the thread because my post got eaten
Its never too late to start loving again

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Thinking about it, Julietta didn't pierce her lance into Barbatos's cockpit, and rather just took off the head. And when she saw Mika, he was already unconscious. So it seems plausible Julietta didn't finish him off.

Given that the Bael is the only remaining Gundam Frame in existence (until the others are discovered) and no one can pilot it because of the AV system, it would make sense that if Mika is still alive, he would pilot it. We never saw what happened to the Kimaris, so it's assumed it got wrecked along with the Ein System (probably can't be transferred to the Bael, anyway).
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I personally don't think so, Mika gave everything to Barbartos on his last run, he was probably already dying then.

Oh and one note, the Massacre of Dort was an overall Gjallahorn thing, I don't remember any Names dropping specifically who ordered it.
... granted he did enough in S2 to make up for it, like the War he started on Earth for example (I have my own thoughts on why considering the Ending aside from blaming McGillis on the <beep> up).
He actually had plenty of Screentime (recently rewatched the whole show all at once) but his goals still felt somewhat sudden since they played his "mysterious goals" angle too hard, especially considering it's obvious that both Julietta and IforgothisNameMaskFace knew about his Goals making this feel ... weird.
They "implicate" stuff in his scenes but never spell it out so to say ... which is somewhat lacking.
The Comparison to Haman kinda fits somewhat (Scirocco was just an Ass), I would say that he is a Haman that lacks her personality but actually won by playing somewhat smarter (like stay the <beep> away from the Battlefields if possible) ... in all fairness though Haman had a good part of Z and the whole of ZZ to develope it while Rustal only really appeared in S2 (also she is cooler).

Which I think is actually the issue here somewhat, in S1 he barely got namedropped and in S2 he is suddenly the Mainthreat and was always there ... somewhere.
That is something I see often these days in Animes whose session got split up over 2 cours ... they tend to suddenly introduce new "always important" Characters that didn't got any mention at all in S1 ... not exactly a Fan of that.
I think if he appeared more in S1 and showed more (like maybe how he picked up Julietta, it is at least implied by her lack of social skills and comments she might have a similar background like many of the Tekkadans kids) he would have been a much better Antagonist.

... crap I just wanted to write two lines and look what I did, I better stop here.

[Image: 9OSmDQO.jpg]
Iron Blooded Orphans Destiny incoming

can we have Aria piloting the gundam now? lol
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Meh, not gonna kill the Mecha baby in the crib. Depending on how they handle the critc from the old show it could be entertaining enough.

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