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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Speaking of which, I think we need Boota to repost his healthy life regiment and workout thingy back.
It was a good read in the dead forum.
I haven't hung around anywhere on the net in years. I generally lurked here for.. Wow 10 years? I think I was in High School so yeah. Other than that, met some friends, got 'em on Skype, left most forums, das it.

Oh, question. Since you warned about knock off kits, is there actually a decent place to get knock off model kits and toys? I love goofy stuff like that. I also NEED to find a kit I saw a while back. It was Deathscythe Hell Custom, I think. But the kit was clear purple with clear orange accents. It was so rad. I think it was Dragon Momoko, but it's literally impossible to find.
I'm not really sure where to find bootlegs online, but I guess maybe try Amazon sellers and Ebay.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
It does look like eBay has a few Dragon Momokos, and Amazon even less, although none of them sound like the one in question.

I'd be curious if there's other places to look, though. I kind of regret not getting the ol' SD Gundoom Ex-S before the price started rising - I'd been hoping maybe Bandai would pull the same thing they did with Hi-Nu and make their own, but it looks like that's not happening.
(03-14-2016, 12:33 PM)Technical Monkey Wrote:
(03-12-2016, 09:22 AM)Greato Boota Wrote: Hi, guys, it's been years since I last posted on SRWG, but I'm back! Thanks very much for the kind words, Daba and Andy!

Are you really an actor, Boota? In that case, that's cool!

Yup, and thanks  Smile . I started acting way back in high school and college, but only started doing I professionally in 2013. Its pretty much becime my full time thing now. I've got a couple of shows, commercials, and movies under my belt now. All small roles so far, but still, it's all still very cool. I'm also starring in a local indie web series.

Here's one of the last things I did. It's a star wars fan film where I play Kylo Ren:

(03-14-2016, 01:45 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: Speaking of which, I think we need Boota to repost his healthy life regiment and workout thingy back.
It was a good read in the dead forum.

Thanks, andy. If any of you guys have questions about health, fitness, martial arts, hell, even acting and moviemaking, l'll answer the best I can  Smile
Don't call it a come back, I've been here for years...just under Aestivalis.

Glad to see SRWG is back once again and lookin pretty darn good I must say.
WB The Green Flame Aestivalis.
We could use the company. Big Grin
I have to get Jimbob back
I'm Back!

Yeah uh... this is Neki Basara from the old board. I've been wanting to change my user name here for a year or two.

Anyway, yeah I'm here again. Glad to be here!

Why does this feel awkward. Sad
Damn, my summoning circle for besi_tua hasn't been successful yet.

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