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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
30 years. 30 years HarmonyGold has been screwing Macross in the west with a practically illegal deal. And now 30 years later when the rights are about to expire, Tatsunoku renews it?

I hope Tatsunoko crashes and burns now. They are as stupud as Shuasia.
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For me, I'd only say it's been 20ish years of screwing Macross in the west. I'm thankful for the creation of Robotech as it was the final product that got me into anime as it did for many of my friends as well. I was looking forward to the rights expiring along with most other current fans of Macross and this news is quite surprising to me. All this time, was the Japanese rights holder for Macross happy with HarmonyGold's treatment of the license? Signing this renewal certainly makes it seem that way.
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EDIT: Never mind

What a sad  day...
Fire dept.: 33 dead in suspected arson in Kyoto Animation studio 1.
Condolences to KyoAni and the staffs who're affected.

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