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Super Robot Wars BX Blogness
First part of this map is pretty easy the enemies are pretty weak and their status are very low so don't waste much EN, also make sure to hit them from safe distance the beam saber of all the Gundam series grunts do a lot of damage on this game

[Image: kEEEoRa.png]

after you destroy them Monika gives her report that all the area is clean, them some weird guys appears from the south they call their dark powers and bla bla bla, and summons their lego robots to beat us, so now we play lego with them

[Image: xrbWq7n.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

It looks odd seeing those units overlap each other per tile. Why would they increase the workload by doing that? Odd graphic direction but I'm excited to try out the 3DS entries one day.
(06-04-2018, 02:49 AM)Constraint Wrote: It looks odd seeing those units overlap each other per tile. Why would they increase the workload by doing that? Odd graphic direction but I'm excited to try out the 3DS entries one day.

That’s how the squad system shows things, though IIRC you can make it only show the active unit. Don’t do that though, that’s just asking for an SD Gundam squad to fuck with you.
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Talking about UX\BX, i still dont know, can someone explain what is the point of bonuses you get for upgrading motherships ? Do they just apply to motherships all the time ?
And, on akurasu there is a list of skill parts, the last 20 or so...where are they ? Like SP regen one ? Do you get them for gathering those nameless points in BX ? But UX didnt have that system and i missed 20 last parts there as well...

> BX its one of the worst SRW games ever made by the hands of man

I strongly disagree. UX is certainly one of the worst, or rather, one the blandest, on the level of R or Z1. BX to UX is about the same amount of improvement as L is to W. BX is miles ahead of its predecessor. Animations are not on the Z2 level, but somewhere in that area, color palette is better and not drab, cast is better (a veritable ARMY of identical ugly Fafners and even ugly-er Linebarrels ? Ugh. No thanks.) Although it is VERY weird to have an SRW game where about 2\3rds of the cast are snipers.

>BTW OO Raiser animations are completely awesome
Eh, they're okay-ish, if needlessly overdone. Some strange poses as well. What i mean by that is, how should Z2 (best SRW 00 Raiser animations to-date, IMO) the normal attacks are efficient, he flies-by and cuts enemy in half. Efficient. Transam is the same. Flies-by, shoots, cuts, teleports, and he's off. In BX...we get some bloody acrobatic show for every attack. Enemies should not survive after getting cut that many times. But they do. Suspension of disbelief - cracked. It doesnt help that for some strange reason there is exactly ONE voice clip for every dynamic kill in the game. And the game has twin system. Meaning you always, always, have to hear that clip twice, every single time you watch the animations. Just...why ?

>i assume that its because BX its harder
Depends what is your definition of "harder". One of the few things i dislike in UX\BX is boss design. In other games you kill the boss - he\she\it recovers 10hp, postures, runs away. In OG series bosses run away before you can even kill them. kill the boss and he recovers all HP, making you feel like you wasted your time whittling him down. And EVERY BOSS DOES THIS. Annoying as hell. There is one particular boss near the end that you have to kill FIVE TIMES to finish him off for good ! All while he spams MAP at you.
The Lego robots do hug attacks, the hug attacks reduce your units armor and morale, they have quite a lo  of damage menacing compared to what we faced so far, but their numbers are really small as we blow 5 of them Monika warns us that there's signals incoming from the north  

[Image: ogf8hth.png]
hugs for days

the OG enemies enter the city for the first time they bring over a entire squad and not only the red machine like usual, we began being bombarded by both sides, and the city begins to crumble over the battle, as civilians begins run, among them Yuuki, she runs away from a building that collapses and outside can see the explosions and Fallsaber near it, she thinks to herself about her past trauma of being almost killed inside the machine, Yuuki fells like she is getting more and more distant, and she is feeling alone, and right now this loneliness and the fear of being even more alone bothers her more than her fear to pilot, she them runs toward Fallsaber determined to board it.
Knowing that the white haired girl have some strange power of him the red mech runs over her he shoots but don't hit Fallsaber reaches and Yuuki bards it, a typhon of red wind envelops the machine and Soma says that she felt a strange sensation coming from it, the Typhon makes Fallsaber and the boss be blowed and now we 1 x 1 him again.

The map is quite simple for most part, the regular OG enemies are pretty weak, as your units morale are quite high you can easily blow them away with a single hit

[Image: 2inJZc3.png]
you can see the OG mech? no? its already dead anyway, they are really really weak

Different from those OG mechs, the lego bots are stronger, so you will probably still be facing them while the north battle is already over, don't waste much resources on these enemies its not worth

As you defeat everything the boss restore its hp and charge his weapons again, Youta and Yuuki power up Falsaber as well and a event happens where they  both clash weapons this time heavy damaging both machines.

[Image: xe7R1VO.png]

after the event the attack fallblade will be unlocked, and the stage ends as the boss retreats.


Shiro ask if everyone is ok, the kids are ok, and Lorelai says that all the robots on BX are really strong, Shiro says that Mazinger is specially strong and she agrees, the kids keep chating as they decide to go to Lorelei's house.

on another place our rival is being punished by his master, that's a pale looking lady, that's angry because he did more than what he should since he is supposed to be her guardian.

Rhidee take off and say bye, he has things to solve on his family and stuff, and done.

and we arrived on a route split! :O
[Image: APwBxuY.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

For annoyance of everyone i decided to continue the blogness as i will keep playing BX, as i already covered the entire first part of the game and that was great, now before the route split, i will just post some story points since there's a lot of stuff going on...

- Unicorn story begins with Banagher and Frontal already engaged inside the satellite where  Bagnager kills a man and regrets a lot latter, them the Unicorn falls to earth.

- We must investigate and discover the mysterious ELS disease that its killing people around the globe as well as return Marie and Alelujah to Celestial being

- still no news from AGE enemies since the last encounter

the party will split now i will select the first one since i really want to play with the OO Gundam units as soon as possible and well its listed there that it countains OO Gundam!

so there we go part 2 boost on!


As we decide to what team we go, Yuuta wants to see what the universe is like he wants to learn more about it, Fallsaber ask if Yuki will go as well, she say that for sure after all they 3 are one on this journey, this touches the Macross girls who begin to talk about how they also have partners that they can't let go such as Alisha and Leon.

~ Plotemaios~

Lacce is asking about their next move as Sumaragi says that they will follow the plans, that some of the crew think is insanity, He asks for Feldt to read the data again and try to find something more, but she says that she probably can't dig more now, but she will keep trying, Setsuna is having a anxious feeling about things when they pick up a attack happening on a research lab of the L3 research colony of the federation.

~ L3 Research Facility ~

As the battle rages on the Age villains (whose name i forgot) battle the federation troops Billy notices that they want this place for the strategic position and no for what its inside so the researches lives are not valuable there we find also Neena Trinity main body, who is the main researcher of the ELS thing, she also reinforces it..., one of the soldiers uses the trans-am and before exploding to death take some of the Age grunts with him.

Insider our ship Marie reports that thanks to the defense forces of the federation there was a temporary withdraw she believes that it  was LT. Andrey that makes this happens (thanks soma i didn't remembered the guy's name), however she also notices that they won't be able to hold another of these attacks, its a classic strategy to worn down the enemy,  Alto them says that they should take the ELS transport to that research facility so its a complex situation, they don't know when the next attack is happening.

on the hangar Kyo is fixing his Gundam when Akito arrives and he talks about how the fells nervous about his first space battle.

Zehart ask why the research labs are not occupied yet by the Vagan forces, he is told that they can seize it at any time, but he is aware that there might be something valuable there Zehart ask if he is talking about a Gundam frame, he is told that maybe is it, the communication is cut.
[Image: q0FDjhC.png]

Map 18 - Intention of Life

We arrive at the Research facility at least, our cargo is in, however now the place is under attack, there's around 11 scientists inside and with them the ELS cargo of research, apparently is this that everyone want since the ELS is a plage around all the galaxy, Mina(neena's clone) ask to give her time she shall finish her analysis at least, but its not Vagan forces that arrives instead Nadesico enemies pop up and surround the facility, they will auto destroy there if the cargo is not given  however Setsuna and Co arrives and save the day.

they explode things, and Alelujah and Soma moves to Harute, and finally the stage begins.

Winning condition - Enemy lead defeated

Losing Condition - Enemy invade the labs or Gundam AGE-3 destroyed.

I'm still going on with the no upgrade and less possible turns run, so i will burn SP if needed to finish this fast, pics and rest of the impressions of the map latter time for some gameplay
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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