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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary

[Wii] Super Robot Taisen Neo (Dropped at Stage 19)

[PS3] Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Jigoku-hen ; (60 Stages - Finished) 
 Go Hiking / Don't Go Hiking ; (5 - 6)
 Chase the Pervert ; (9)
 Space / Japan / MITHRIL Routes ; (10 - 13)
 Accept the Request Route ; (17)
 Investigate Neo Zeon Route ; (22 - 27)
 Space Route ; (36 - 40)
 MITHRIL Route ; (36 - 40)
 Japan Route ; (36 - 40)
 Relax ; (42)
 Merida Island Route ; (46 - 48)
 Japan Route ; Proceeded with Activation Tests ; (46 - 48)
 Accept Destiny ; (50 - 54)

[SNES] SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental ; (In Progress)
 Wendy Route
L's list recycles like four series from K, and like two from W. Asset reuse is an old tradition.

For Neo, as long as you know Ryu Knight, 90% of the plot will make sense, because that's what Neo is. Only kidding, of course, it's really like 75%.

Liger is awesome wrasslin bio mech with two amazing openings you need to look up now.

(Shickzal or Siegzarl, I forget what it's supposed to be.)
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Fortunately some very intelligent person made a summary of the Neo story.

(And then was trumped by someone else who did a full script translation.)
NEO! i liked that game its so funny Tongue

full of funny looking units as well
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


Yeah, my statement wasn't that fair except for the gripe about Gundam SEED. I think my gag reflex on L's cast mainly has to do with the fact that I had already been exposed to Dancougar Nova and Macross Frontier in the Z series. I'm still going to try it out one day though. 


Hahahah, I will be reading both yours and Joekage's story guides for reference. I much prefer condensed story summaries however, and I thought it was pretty funny but unnecessary how JoeKage called you out on his guide albeit in a subtle way.

I will be expecting some interesting units no doubt.
Stage 2: Sword Robot Wars

Poor planet Earth. It's always targeted by a myriad of villainous heathens. Something about 5th dimension shit. Lol... instead of alternate dimension they have to numerically label themselves. Well not to worry! The Japan Silver Surfer "Eldoran", is a defender of Earth. He stops a missile from destroying Earth, but the impact takes his ass back nearby an elementary school.

So many damn chosen ones... particularly elementary school kids in NEO. I don't know what the fuck just happened but Eldoran has supposedly entrusted a whole class of kids as defenders of Earth. I lost count, but Raijinoh will most likely have 13 sets of seishin. Mind you, I've never seen the show. Anyway, some more ridiculous shit goes down. A classroom magically changes into a briefing room. I spoke too soon. Raijinoh looks to have 3 pilots. How the FUCK do these kids know how to pilot these mechas without any base knowledge whatsoever? 

Before Raijon-Oh gets pummeled, Mazinger and Diana A appear. Fortunately, Kouji shows surprise at elementary school kids piloting a robot. Even in a virtual world, that shit ain't the norm. Thank goodness Diana can repair Raijin-Oh. I had to fly his ass out of his initial position as more enemies showed up. 

Our main protagonist and his buddy Liger shows up, prompting our enemies to send out more grunts. Is it just me or do you level up pretty fast in this game? 
Anyways, the 5th dimension bad guys retreat and I have recruited more elementary kids into my army. This is a violation of child human rights but come what may... this is the only way to save earth.

[Image: f8N0Pv8.png]
Banpresto... what is you doin?
You think that's not normal? You're about to get, like, six or so other series that have either kid pilots or really goddamn close (Ryu Knight... Adieu can't be too far into his teens, which is weird because the show implies his father is pretty damn old IIRC). And it was going to be worse because originally Wataru was in the plans, but they couldn't get the rights. So no Ryujinmaru.

Level average goes up like mad in Neo, it's totally possible to see regular attacks give you half a level up. That's why the level requirement for Osekaiser and Jaaku Satan is like level 80 by stage 33 or some absurd total.
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Mattman, didn't you claim to have stopped playing this game like mid or close to the end of the game?

Also, if OP thinks Shigzal's BGMs are good, wait until you get the upgrade when it turns into a rave party that also sounds like music from the Maximum Tune series. The intermission theme is still the best song in the entire game though, and the best intermission theme in the entire franchise.
I didn't think he was really calling me out, I left out a lot of detail, especially in the early stages.
(12-03-2016, 10:21 PM)squall23 Wrote: Mattman, didn't you claim to have stopped playing this game like mid or close to the end of the game?

I have really shitty luck with Neo.  Every time I get to around Stage 13, outside factors delete my save.  (A Dolphin update not carrying over right, my computer being reset to factory standard, a couple of other things.)

I haven't quit, I'm just taking it slowly.  I've never outright quit a SRW, just... Moved my focus to other games for long periods of time.
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Level 80 requirement? Yikes!
Stage 3: Tama-Q's fat lips

More elementary school kids and their everyday antics. We're introduced to what I believe 2 other main heroes. Lamune and probably that one kid from Iron Leaguer.
Some crazy crazy shenanigans begins. I don't know if Lamune has taken drugs but he's transported to what appears to be a kingdom fantasy world.

Man... and I thought I'd done seen some shit from the last two stages. This takes the cake! Although I'm enjoying the music in NEO, I just can't take the game seriously at the moment.
This looks to be the debut stage for the Lamune show. Ugh, it's one of those protect stages. I hate those. Fortunately, Lamune gets reinforcements.
It's almost a massacre as the princess mage destroys half the units alone. Man.. Tama-Q has some big ass lips! Wtf?

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