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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
Stage 11: Horse Mounting

 In this stage, we're introduced to Ryu Chief Shinebaram and the Liger+Vegaruder units. Nothing that interesting happens in this stage except for the fact that Mach Windy didn't speak one line at all lol. Isn't he the main character of Iron Leaguer? Whatever, it's SRW. Jaaku Satan appears as well in this stage and it takes most of my units to make him retreat. He gets stronger and stronger the more we see him. As for Vegaruder, how does that work? Does liger mount it automatically after reaching certain morale?

[Image: HgV7iBx.png]
It's a dude.
Magnum Ace is the main character of Iron Leaguer. He’s missing... and you’re not going to see him for a while. Or anyone else.

Vegaruder is a mid stage transformation like Fire Liger. Keep in mind that you can’t transform unless the area around Liger is large enough to support him going up in size.
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Stage 12: Heian-kyo

 Ryouma awakens next to a nest of Oni near a demonic castle. Meanwhile, GoShogun makes its debut in this stage! However, I'll need some luck for it to survive until reinforcements arrive. Another Ryu unit shows up to support GoShogun in the form of a samurai. Fortunately, my team arrives which prevents the wholesale slaughter of GoShogun. The main boss of the stage is Abe Seimei - who which has a lot of HP. Unsurprisingly, the GoShogun crew leaves us after the battle and it looks like we won't be using it for a while. Ungrateful bastards. 

[Image: rFvy7KC.png]
Goshogun is stupidly OP in this game, and its plot is over... so yeah don’t expect it to join for a while. Ryoma is back though and now your OG has an upgrade, the first of many.
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Stage 13: Chase Da Cider

 We have another Ryu user make its debut - this time, a gunner. Ionia is out of service at the moment as Amane continuously gets weaker and weaker. A battle takes place in a cave as we intend on stopping Da Cider from getting what appears to be his own mecha. Which.. we fail to do. Da Cider is proud to be riding a mecha named Queen Sideron. 

I believe this is the first time we get to see an enemy cut-in from none other than Da Cider. We also get a new GoSaurer unit. 

[Image: YpM9feT.png]
The first enemy cut-in.
Queen Cideron, as it happens. In continuing the “everyone from Lamune is a drink reference”, Queen Cideron is like Da Cider in what it specifically references.
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By the way, what did you mean by Schicksal getting an upgrade a few stages ago? I haven't noticed anything different. Stat boosts?
Stage 14: Save the Castle

 To be frank, my playthrough of NEO feels like a chore. The game itself seems incredibly half-assed and underwhelming on most aspects. Not to mention the constant level-up interruptions, which get annoying really quick. You can get secret units on this stage - a bowling Iron Leaguer and some other leaguer who I don't give two shits about do I'm not bothering. Bowling girls gets back inside the Ionia... or not. I can't seem to put her back in. w/e. It's a relatively simple stage. Dark Ryu Knight has taken hold of a castle and we have to wrest it from his control. What's interesting is the Watt & Amp are counted as 1 unit and can swap each other out. They have their own squad thing going on. Anyways, it's quite a long stage because this game does a great job of annoying random enemy reinforcements.

[Image: qCpMlDd.png]
This guy doesn't go down without a fight. Annoying as hell.
Watt and Amp are one of the two units which are the basis for OE’s squad system. That was one o the many things Neo had a few issues with that OE absolutely didn’t fix, and it’s even worse because there’s a lot more squads in OE. They’re also one (and a half) episode characters in Iron Leaguer. Why are they in instead of 5/7ths of the main cast and the notable supporting cast, or the two characters from late in the show who became fairly major members of the cast would have been cool includes? Fuck if anyone knows.

The power up isn’t any new attacks - rather, Sigzarl got the second of the three Armed Phantoma from Abe no Seimei, where the first is its sword and the second is its new shield. So now it has a shield, more HP, more EN, more Defense... and slightly less mobility, actually, but in a few more stages you get another upgrade that fixes that.
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I had a lot of fun with NEO just because the gameplay was different.
Yeah.. I don't particularly understand the scenario design regarding NEO. The gameplay is indeed different but the constant level-up interruptions is especially grating. 
Stage 15: Shuffle Alliance... not

Enemy rival & Iron Leaguer Golden trio makes their appearance this stage. J9 crew joins us for real this time.. hopefully. I really feel bad for the enemy rival. His design and mecha is shit. Speaking of which.. where the hell is the rest of the G Gundam crew? Don't tell me they axed their participation in NEO. lol.

[Image: qE3zTNF.png]
Domon's hand has slain many foes. Seriously where the fuck is the rest of the G Gundam crew?

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