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Z3 Jigoku-hen Commentary
(Yesterday, 02:54 PM)yazi Wrote: Yeah, Z3-1 has the BETTER and more light hearted character interactions while Z3-2 is more focused on the overall plot compared to part 1. Its like how Z2-1 has more character interactions over Z2-2. FMP especially has some really good interactions with the cast. Hibiki being a child soldier has a running gag with Setsuna, Heero, Chirico and Sousuke in where they are named the SULLEN 5.

Hibiki wasn't a child soldier, he was an hunter and a Jeet Kune Do user with his father (an ex-military) and then, when his father and sister disappeared in a space-time tremor, he kept being one for the year before the start of the game; the sullen 5 were the silent, sort of unfriendly archetype with some PTSD (which, in 4 over 5 cases, was war related).
My bad with the child soldier part for Hibiki. Sullen 5 is still a funny gag though, lol.
(Yesterday, 03:16 PM)yazi Wrote: My bad with the child soldier part for Hibiki. Sullen 5 is still a funny gag though, lol.

Yea, especially with the sixth(?) and the growingly reluctant 1 and 2.

[Image: y2erqzl.png]
[TR:He just can't understand the language]
Ah yes, the 6th member of the sullen group, something to look forward to in Z3.2.
(Yesterday, 03:16 PM)yazi Wrote: My bad with the child soldier part for Hibiki. Sullen 5 is still a funny gag though, lol.

I was sort of wrong too on that part, as he was a special kind of hunter of invasive species brought by the space-time conflagration, and not simply a survivalist.
Lol, that's a cute picture. Also, I agree. Maybe not having a literal translation guide is hampering my enjoyment with the game. 

Scenario 31: Fate Forced Open

 So it's finally time for the spotlight to focus on Shinn. After all this time, I had forgotten all about seed mode. I was wondering when he was going to get his shining finger attack. Does anyone else know why Banpresto still isn't open to crossover combination attacks? Yo, what's the deal with Shinn's seed portraits? They look weird as hell. Something isn't right. Anyway, shit's starting to get real.. kind of. I do hope Kira and Setsuna joins us for real this time. Also, Analotta finally has her own mech.. which looks like an upgraded grunt unit. Not like I like her design anyway. Damn, the Tuatha is going to be my main battleship for sure. I wish it could move on land lol. (That'd be op though.) All right, shit is getting real finally. Advent, Uther's cousin shows up and smacks Hibiki and Analotta around like toys. I can't tell if that's Advent's actual mech or not because his lackeys have the same type. Maybe it's a mass produced unit? Either way, I like how they did his melee animation. But the guy doesn't have any dynamic kills. lol...

[Image: RBFuk5D.png]
[Image: RVaHPDR.png]
Wtf banpresto?
That all out attack for Destiny has some great animation, pretty much Full Weapon Combination from Z1 and Z2 with a different name and more high speed this time too.
I agree, the sense of speed was executed well but damn.. who did the portraits for Shinn's SEED? Looks really bad.

Scenario 32: The Mists of Oblivion

Some weird shit happens when we follow Advent's instructions and investigate the GPS coordinates he gave us. Yeah, let's trust this dude. Not. Somehow our crew ends up in Gotham city and Watta gets major headaches. Kidding of course. Back to topic, Advent might have set us up. Not that that's surprising. Looks like the plot is indeed ramping up and hopefully we'll get the rest of the crew soon before we hit the 40's. Amuro is still in the Re-GZ lol.

[Image: uT7MDHe.png]
Z3 had some weird expressions indeed. SRW V did not reuse some of these weird ones.

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