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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
Scenario 33: Rescuing Rodney

Damn, what is up with these high elevation stages lately? Rodney and Ellis remain alive so far in my playthrough. There really is a lot of portraits in this game. Rasetz runs away again after we foil his obvious trap. This guy has zero charm. 

Scenario 34: Yang Long's Training

Just what has Yang Long been doing all this time? He's been doing his own thing. Yang Long gets a new attack! I think it and Cybuster's Akashic Buster are the cooler looking attacks in SRW Gaiden.

Scenario 35: Temple of Trials

Not sure why they don't allow all Heralds to gain their final attacks during this scenario.. (Sorry Tyutti!) This is the hardest stage in the game so far if you don't abuse MAP attacks. 

Scenario 36: The Coup

Difficulty is increasing. Damn these elevated vertical far away terrain map shit is really annoying. I hope it doesn't get worse.

Scenario 37: Not Just for One Nation

Does Shu not appear in this route? Rasetz and his lackey Jiro (w/e his name is) get their ass kicked again. Honestly - Rasetz is such a forgettable villain. He is way too cliche and one-dimensional. 

Scenario 38: Vagonia's Intentions

Well well, Zets is at it again. We haven't seen him in ages. That goes for Gino as well. Very late players. So from what I know, the following powers are Langran / Shutedonia / Vagonia in no particular ranking / order. Fang is on Vagonia's side so we'll see more of him as well.

[Image: LZAL5of.png][Image: hagm321.png][Image: 4ROTo7l.png][Image: J2QEQWr.png]
We are talking about the Original @ @Constraint
Mio is playable like all the other Masoukishins in @G

All i can remember (and probably i'm mixing things) is that it was Ryusei who encountered her @Matt
The background was the normal city one with all the building around (again, if i'm remembering it right)
Shu usually does not appear until really late game in Part 2. So any way you're going, you're not gonna see Shu until you reach the last legs.

Quote:Not sure why they don't allow all Heralds to gain their final attacks during this scenario.. (Sorry Tyutti!)

[joke]YOU MONSTER![/joke]

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