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Sen no Kiseki General
Sen no Kiseki III was just confirmed for Autumn 2017, and PS4 only. Naturally, people keep saying Cold Steal or something but that won't be out till 2018 or so. Xseed needs time to add in memes and change titles.

The game will have a semi new cast, one of the main character's is Altina, seen below.
[Image: k9y2rXi.jpg][Image: bDvhi4v.jpg][Image: hIO6Zkm.jpg][Image: sKaZfgh.jpg]

Also it'd been confirmed Ys 8 will have new content on PS4, including removed Diana stories
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
This reminds me that I have to go back and finish part one. Is that Prof. Sara in the bottom pic?

Just curious, what do you guys think of the cast? The main cast of this series as a whole didn't connect with me as much as Trails in the Sky's. I guess part of it is that I've grown tired of protagonists with a special hidden super power. Plus, Olivier was hella entertaining.
I still haven't played part 2 since I was in the middle of a 2nd playthrough of part 1. Got them both for the Vita though.
10 years after still PS2 graphics on Ps3 that was ok i think.... probably.

release this on Vita already, no reason for this to be PS4 only.

i see Fie looking derp as usual on that pic lol, and of course our teacher Sarah.

gosh they need to get rid of this thing of adult female characters with 12 years old accessories on they hair, no one is insane enough to go on the streets with a little cute butterfly when you over 18, get rid of that and tie her Alicia hair normally, she is looking too much "anime" this is not what trails is about.

Rean is Sexy
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

And I haven't touched part 2. Did finish the first one, though.

Wonder how they're going to manage save import.
Same as everyone else. Just patch in a network upload feature into the old versions, then download it on the new system.


Almost a year later, Cold Steel was still a stupid name choice.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I'm guessing the PS+ upload save system might be used, similar to Sword Art Hollow Fragment from the Vita to Re:Hollow Fragment to PS4.
PS+ cant do that, it can only upload and download to the same format/game via cloud storage. It just overrides data, not convert it.

Hallow Fragment to Re:Hallow Fragment used a special add on transfer system like the one I mentoned earlier that was patched in to the Vita version when Re came out.

The same transfer system Sen I Vita and Sen I PS3, and later the Sen II versions used. The same system also allowed transfer between not just from Sen I to Sen II from the same version, but from Sen 1 Vita to Sen II Ps3 and vice versa.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Maybe the PS3 and Vita versions of Sen II might get a update patch to transfer to cloud/ps+/transfer to your account. It might be annoying but certainly not impossible.

If not... maybe a in-game choice to recollect/review on Rean's actions... if only for the love interest... Cause what else is really needed to transfer over, aside from the romantic subplots and possible extra items?
My Laura love interest better transfer over. XD

Then again, I haven't started Sen II because it's on PS3 and requires enormous amount of time to play. T_T

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