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Sen no Kiseki General
Its been confirmed Sen III will hit NA on September 24th, and Europe on the 27th.....right like a day after YsIX
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I've got III pre-ordered from my local GS. Sept 24th is my bday.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Haha, happy early birthday! At least you know you'll be getting one of the best presents you can. (That's $60 or less. =P

I'm on the fence again and might just gett the $100 one after all. Sadly I doubt NA will be getting anything like the Eternal Preservation edition for Sen IV. It's just too much materials and would probably cost to much to produce compared to Japan...
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Word is coming out about info about the new Sen game. It takes place around the same time as Sen 4, and will explain some of the loose ends too. So pretty much Sora 3 again. New Class 7 will return too. Might not be a numbered Sen game.

Courtesy of Guan via twitter, one of the best news sources on Falcom games.
Sen V/IV Kai info form @Gu4n's Twitter

Original Source Anonymous Leaker (probably Kondo himself again) and @ryokutya837

Key Visual, Altina is as adorable as ever and as always, people are whining about why she's there. (She's the main Heroine of sen III/IV of course she would be)
[Image: QjO8IB8.jpg]
[Image: yqlWEwD.jpg]

Guan's Translation tweets
Work on the next Kiseki has started. Series-wide things left undone and answers to mysteries from Sen IV serve as its basis.

Next Kiseki stars two protagonists: a mysterious man & woman (pink ponytail and carries around a stuff bear). Wazy is not wearing his Gralsritter uniform. Crow may be close to the new character(s). Return of full New Class VII, might be a Sora/Zero/Sen all-star cast.

Recurring characters are Rixia Mao, Thoma Worzel, Scarlet, Wald and a mysterious new man, a cheeky newcomer who joined around the same time as Scarlet and Wald. Nayuta may also be involved (!?). Eastern half of Zemuria (!?) resembles Japan, including Shikoku (laughs).

Platform(s) are not revealed. It appears to be not a numbered title and falls within the time period of Sen IV. Leaker re-iterates that Zemuria is too massive (laughs).

leaker wonders if the protagonists are Three and Nine, the protagonists from a book in Sen IV. General consensus so far, though, is that the book is about Enforcer No. III and IX

3&9 opens with Nine infiltrating a ship as Seria, the daughter of Baron Reinhardt. Three is her butler. Inside, she pulls her orbment from the stuffed bear and and they reveal themselves as Sword of Three and Nine, contracted assassins. Their real names are Swin and Nadia.

Here's the whole of Zemuria. Arteria is in the north apparently

[Image: X4vYU5I.jpg]

Actually wondering if the peninsula south of Zemuria might be the future Sciencia Sea from Nayuta. In that game, they have access to Zemurian Ore, "a mineral from an old civilisation" and speak of a "northern continent" once plagued by a strange disease

[Image: dKVEjn5.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Is that Estelle?!?
Yeah. She was in Sen IV afterall. Along with Joshua and the rest of the Sora cast, same with the Ao/Zero cast. Sully even gets shipped hard with Kurt.

There were a few characters that were missing such as Rixia, but Lloyd and others had already said where they were/what they were doing during Sen IV's events, basically taking care of business in Liberl and the other surrounding nations which is why we have a strong feeling of what Sen IV Gaiden is going to contain. Sen IV had a lot of events that happened off screen, such as what old class VII was doing when Shin-Class VII was doing their thing. Especially during Operation Jourmangund i the final chapter.

Sen III/IV also had data for unsed locations that we never actually went to in the games and only referenced.

It's not just during Sen IV though tha tpeople want. In the grand ending, there was a bit of a time skip, so people were really dissapointed we never got to go through the few months between the final battle and the epilogue, especially the slice of life things we got to do in Sen I and II but not in II and IV with new class VII.

Going by what the leaker said, most likely it'll have various time periods and jump around, since Crow is rumored to be in some of these events, but the time frame between him and Duvalie leaving Ouroboros/The Black Atelier and joining the party is barely like, a day or two in between.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
This new Sen game is looking like Sora 3rd, a sidestory but also wraps up some loose ends and with new characters. Sora 3rd helped polish out Sora SC, even though it was a sidestory. This new game might not be labeled V according to the info dump.

Although I laugh when I see the cover with the cast, but no Kevin Graham, lol

On my playthrough of Cold Steel 2, fresh game. Playing in JP voices to see what its like... And back then, Rean's power was correctly translated as Ogre power, Japanese voice is using ONI which means Japanese ogre/demon. Plus, Sen IV's OP shows Rean in a mask with a horn sticking out, like a Ogre horn.
That mask actually doesn't exist. The entire opening had some really huge inconsistencies to where its believed it was made way early in the games production. The mask itself was never in the game in any way and simply added in as a DLC accessory later. Valimar also never grew to Super Robot 30 Meter heights either, nor did we ever go to the Nhord Highlands that was shown.

There's no real right or wrong and anything is acceptable. The Kanji specifically for 鬼 Oni is a general word and can be used for any different types of Yokai like Demons, Ogers, trolls, devils, even ghosts in some cases etc. Big Boss was called the same in MGSV's japanese version while in NA they translated it as Demon outright.

The final boss has a part of him though that is called "Rogue Oger" albeit it's spelled in full katakana O-u-ga

Overall though Sen IV definitely cut some corners and felt like Falcom was getting Cheap. Such as using the real final boss music as a Dungeon theme for the last minor part of the final dungeon. (Which they also spammed in the pre release streams lol) (We know this because of leakers and also later confirmed when said track appeared on the OST after Majestic Roar). As well as data for locations that were seemingly cut, said locations being the areas that Old Class VII went off to, Thors I in Trista, etc.

As far as the games time frame goes, if it's going to jump around timeframe wise It can easily take place during Sen III and IV, since they're directly after the other, as well as past Sen IV since even after everything was said and done the political tensions were a total mess and the epilogue left even more unanswered questions. Such as

Spoiler Show
-Finding out Cedric became a high ranking enforcer
-the missing months at Thors
-The North Ambria situation possibly turning into a Civil War because being under the Empire made it not a shit hole like it used to be

And probably the most important one that was never even touched, How the flying hell did Campanella steal both the Lost Zem AND Ark Rouge from Rosellia and company,  (The Fire and Earth Septeriams)

As to Keven, as far as I recall he was never directly mentioned anywhere by anyone in Sen III or IV. The only 2 Dominions around were Thomas and Gaius, and Toval making a reference to Ein. Though the Church did send it's forces out and about during Operation Jourmengund when the world was ending so he'll probably show up.

I'm curious how they'll manage to dun all of Sen IV and III since the cast is massive, with over 100 voiced characters. Unless they want to use the same actors for multiple roles I wouldn't be surprised if many were just kept silent i the dub, since many were just minor characters that only had a sentence or two of voice work to get a feel for them, and then the other 90% of their dialogue silent.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Falcom is still a small company to begin with. Even Sen 1 had some parts cut like Ymir which supposed to be in 1 but ended up as a drama and was put in Sen 2. I never really expected that much more stuff in Sen IV over Sen III to begin with like new locations since they are only made a year apart in terms of release. Sen 2 didn't have too much new locations after Sen 1 either.

Atleast they are willing to wrap things up with this new game for Sen IV before moving on to Calvard.

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