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Sen no Kiseki General
>Show down with Crow and Duvalie
>>Rean flat out says fuck your and you're death wish, I'm here for the intrist on my 50 Mira"

>Suddenly 'THAT" bgm starts playing

The Ordine vs Valimar theme was great too.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
... are you saying after 4 games he still didn't return the 50 Mira? Worst Friend ever :-p
He gave it back in the first game after the concert. But because he took so long to give it back Rean said he was going to charge him interist, which Crow technically never payed pack and has been growing the last few years. All of this during one of the most critical Crowmance scenes in the game. XD

I bougtht the Mahou Shoujo Slut DLC. BEST 1000 YEN EVER!

I didn't notice till leveling that Juna and Musee's are 90% the same thing, just differnent leggings. Where as Altina's shares the base design with them, but since she's the main heroine of Sen III and IV her outfit has much more details and customizations to it.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
^what mahou shoujo slut DLC? Show it. Big Grin
Actually, from what I've seen all the DLC seems to be either whole costumes or just single item accessories like glasses or visors. No bonus characters or secret areas or anything like that.
(10-18-2018, 04:17 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: ^what mahou shoujo slut DLC? Show it. Big Grin

I put the game off for a few weeks just to wait for this DLC.
[Image: w3Hjehq.jpg]
[Image: hl8YeS1.jpg]
[Image: AIFWpoO.jpg][Image: Kzu2MuA.jpg][Image: er2ZXJg.jpg]

Juna and Musee and Altina's are pretty much a matching Magical girl set, though Altina's has a ton of special alterations. Main heroine and all etc.
[Image: f8oJqtE.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(10-19-2018, 02:50 AM)Top Nep Wrote: "lewd Outfits"

Just kidding :p
Wow, they're all twintails! Big Grin
Just about at the point of no return. Thanks to Lieanne, VALI-KUN IS BACK! Also Zector and Lieanne's kishins did have their soul intact. So far it seems it might be Testarossa only who doesn't. also amusingly, the Silver Kishin is female.

Whoever it was that decided to hold the final pre end of the world strategy meeting at goddamn Disneyland was genius
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