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Sen no Kiseki General
It was a thing in the PC versions of CS 1 and 2 which people liked, and it was also in the other Sora/Sky trilogy too on PC. So it might've been something he thought would help with players used to that from the previous 2 games (on PS4) rather than NISA themselves.
Possibly. If he's eager about it then he might have been able to optimize Sen III better. I mean it ran well, it's just some people really got annoyed by the crashing. I myself had a few, the most annoying was in what reached a 30 minute battle vs Liane, Duvalie, and the other 2 no one remembers (It was basically Rean and broke as fuck Aurellia vs the 4 because your other old Class VII team mates were useless), (The real version of Sen III's intro), and LITERALLY just as I was about to deal the final blow, "SORRY, AN ERROR AS OCCURRED, PLEASE BLAH BLAH BLAH REPORT ETC)

A lot of character models bugged out as well, such as Altina's hair since hers is so long and reacts to physics, it's a separate piece a part from her model.
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I guess its only so much they can do, Falcom is still a pretty small company, less than 100 people from what I've heard...
What sucks is that they'll pretty much always be a small company. They're going to soon reach their 40th anniversary as one.

Employee wise, it's apparently that small but also many of those are simply artists, musicians, engineers and general staff. As far as actual programmers and writers go, they don't have that many members compared to most studios and they have to have some things done by outside contractors which is why Kondo usually handles much of the loads personally.

Can't blame him for his comments from the Sen IV reveal at the investors meeting of wanting to focus specifically on the original/Japanese release of the games first, then the other versions considered later.
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Atleast they got more realistic and decent standards rather than the whole overbloated AAA thing that bigger companies try to go for in both western and JP markets. Things seem to be working out well for them given the size of their company and they are happy with results/sales.

I'm fine with how they are at the time being. I enjoy their games and they are getting more fans overseas too.

Maybe they'll grow bit by bit, but I do like that they are pretty humble and happy with their fans.
Same. They've really been appreciative about the fans oversees and the reaction. Even if the games sell 60-100K units, they consider that success.

They're one of the few companies that have never seemed to have a scandal or harsh work environment complaints. Luckily they're not holding the NIS scandal from a few years back against NIS America either.
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Kondo interview

On a related note, while Turbo mode is good, one thing that annoyed me about the Kai games is they never added the feature to see the dialogue logs. (As in what they're actually saying)
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