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Please, Please Help Me!! How can I lower the difficuly of SRG OG 2nd
I think I've posted the question before, not sure if here. But I've been playing the game (SRW OG 2nd) For the PS3.  However I kept getting the SR points (Simply because I wanted to see the good ending) and now the game is on Hard and I'm stuck (I was of afraid of this from the beginning but no one ever confirmed me that this could happen so I thought it wouldn't). I have a backup save on scenario 46 (I'm on 55 Earth Route) and I'm thinking or trying again and ONLY getting 41 SR points and purposely missing the rest. 

But please, please. Can anyone tell me if there is 

A) Anyway of lowering the difficulty and 

B) On How many SR Points does the game turn to HARD? Please specially this one. Please. 

Thanks for any help!

PS: I don't want an strategy for that particular stage as that is not a solution. I'll just get stuck in the next stages again. I don't particulary enjoy hard games and even though I love these games I cannot stress how bad I am. What I really want is an easier game. Please help me.
You could try the gameover trick and upgrade everyone.
Simply farm the stage, get a gameover, upgrade your best units, and repeat.

Because I don't think there's any other way for you to get out from this situation. And i don't even remember what stage is 55. ^^;
Hi. First of all thanks for the reply. But I've manged to do it!! The stage is actually a lot harder than most because ALL the Grunts are Jinrai which have 50% upgrades (in Hard at least). But the key to it was morale. Most of my units have the +2 moral per stage skill (which I bought for them, of course). So I've stayed in my place and then tried to pick them off using the long range attackers and mostly using ALL attacks and all the seishins that I could, specially focus. Weaker units would get finishing kills if they were hurt too much (For example they managed to kill Seolla and she is pretty hard to hit). Axel with a Tesla Drive S and Ing which is basically unhittable were a HUGE help. If Soulgain does get hit he has HP Regen. Enemies come in waves so using a couple of tunrs to heal was no problem. I put them in a twin unit and their damage output is amazig with VERY litte cost as Ing is munition based and Soulgain has a lot of EN and its ALL attack is actually its weaker attack. But becuase of the S terrain raniking on AIR it does huge damage. In case anyone ever gets stuck in this stage and/or situation. Maybe the above will help.

But here is the thing!! Browsing around the Q&A part of the settings in the intermission menu there was one clearly indicated for SR points. I don't read japanese but I saw the words NORMAL, HARD and 80%. So I figured it out. The difficuly is percentage based!!! I was on stage 55 with 44 SR points. This is exactly 80%. Since I've obviously missed the SR point for that stage 44/56 = 78 % So the game went back to NORMAL on stage 56 !!.
Good for you then. Big Grin
3 words: save game editing Tongue

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