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The Wrastling thread
NJPW The Story So Far.....

After last month's Best of 3 No Time Limit battle at Dominion, Kenny Omega made history by finally defeating Kazuchika Okada and becoming the first Canadian(?) to win the IWGP Heavyweight belt. In the Post-Match, Kenny reunited with The Young Bucks and, along with Kota Ibushi, officially formed "The Golden☆Elite".

Chris Jericho also made history be defeating Tetsuya Naito and becoming IWGP Intercontinental Champion. This is his first ever New Japan belt and his 10 IC title win (the other 9 being from WWE). Jericho's contract with New Japan is similar to Brock Lesnar's, in which he will only make appearances on special occasions. It also meant the IC belt will not be fought for the time being, putting the NEVER belt as the 2nd most prized belt for everyone to go after.


Last Week at the G1 Special in Califionia, Kenny won his first title defense against Cody. After which the Bullet Club Tongans/OG (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Haku) attacked Kenny and the Jacksons, and forming their own inner BC faction, "Firing Squad". Yujiro Takahashi and Chase Owens, loyal members for both Firing Squad and Team Kenny, try to diffuse the situation, but were struck down. The other cast of Being The Elite, including Cody, went to help, but they too were taken down.

After the attack, Kenny and Cody helped each other up and hugged, alongside the rest of BTE, Yujiro, and Chase, thus forming a more unified faction of BC.

Jay White, the last remaining CHAOS member to hold a title belt, lost the US Championship to Juice Robinson. At one point, a shoot incident occurred when White threw Robinson to the barricade where JR and Josh Barnett are commentating. Robinson slammed on the railing hard, knocking off JR (he was taken to the hospital after the event due to injuries). A very angry Josh Barnett, who was also a former NJPW wrestler, went on a tirade against White before returning to the commentary table.

Hiromu Takahashi defended the IWGP Jr belt against Dragon Lee. At later point in their match, Lee performed the Phoenix Plex (a bridging fallaway powerbomb created by Kota Ibushi) that resulted in Hiromu landing on his head, much to everyone's shock. The match continued nonetheless, with Hiromu landing the Canadian Destroyer and later the Time Bomb. He was taken to the hospital after he collapsed backstage and is now back in Japan.


The G1 Climax Tourmanet beghins today with the winner facing the IWGP champion at the Tokyo Dome in January. Tanahashi and Okada are once again fighting in A Block, alongside Minoru Suzuki, Jay White, and Hangman Page in first ever G1 debut. Kenny will be fighting in the B Block that consists of all the wrestlers he has fought before, including Tetsuya Naito, Tama Tonga, Hirooki Goto, Juice Robinson, Toru Yano and Kota Ibushi. Zack Sabre Jr., who is in B Block, is the only person Kenny hasn't faced before.

Worth noting that the setting for the finals of the G1, the Nippon Budokan, has banned Kota Ibushi for life from doing a moonsault off the 2nd floor balcony on Kenny back when they were still in DDT. Word has it headbooker Gedo and the rest of the NJPW high brass pleaded with Kenny and Kota to fight in the G1 in return for negotiating the Budokan on lifting the ban (Kenny and Kota refrain to fight each other unless it's a very special occasion). Kota and Kenny will face each other in the B Block final. Kenny tweeted pictures of him and Kota hanging out together before the G1 begins.


In other news, Cody revealed that while preparing the All In event, he originally tried to have it take place at the Staples Center in LA, but they were turned down, citing the area only serves WWE. All In will take place at the Sears Center in Chicago this September with 10,000 fans attending the event. ROH's Ian Riccaboni and NJPW's Don Callis will serve as commentators.

The official first match for All In has also been announced - Marty Scurl vs Kazuchika Okada.


ROH's parent company Sinclair has successfully secured the rights to use Madison Square Garden after they were originally turned down because of WWE. The "G1 Supercard" event at MSG will be a collaboration between ROH and New Japan and will take place April 9th of next year - the night before Wrestlemana. It will also compete with NXT's Takeover event, also set on that date.
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