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The Wrastling thread
So after NXT and Royal Rumble we have....

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Nakamura losing to Roode. So that would mean he's ready to move up to either Raw or Smackdown now.
Kevin Owens beating Roman Reigns for the Raw Belt
Cena beating AJ for the Smackdown Belt. This was an obvious attempt to answer the Okada/Omega match back at Wrestle Kingdom. I won't lie the similarities are obvious, but it was an awesome match, nonetheless. I would say the Cena/AJ feud is WWE's counterpart to NJPW's Tanahashi/Okada. I would definitely want a 3rd battle with the two in the far future.
Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble. So it's Cena/Orton at Wrestlemania. That does not sound like something I would get hyped about unless they can somehow pull a 6-Star Match

So Cena/AJ was obviously the best of the Royal Rumble. The Rumble itself is great until the end. Rest are average-above average. Biggest disappointment is the absence of Samoa Joe or Finn Balor.
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Yeah Aj vs Cena was great not a 6 star match because of a few missed spots but definitely a 4 star match
I'm neutral on
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winning, but at least it wasn't Reigns.
I miss Jet TV. Back in the 90s, that channel would show puroresu (NJPW, AJPW, and some independents) thrice a week. At least I have Wrestle Kingdom 2, King of Colosseum II, and Fi-Pro Returns to fall back on if ever I get bit by the puroresu bug.

I just realized that my cable TV provider has a channel that provides WWE shows and PPVs (both simulcasts and replays), which is included in my subscription package. However, WWE hasn't interested me since the Attitude era.
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That scene with Omega and Makabe was fun
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