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Captain America: Civil War
I did. Pretty fun romp compared to BvS.
It's an extremely good show and they handled an aspect of a certain character's introduction a lot better than BvS did. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes superhero shows.

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The thing they did much better than BvS is by NOT telling us Spider-man's origin. They make a few passing swipes at it, but whenever Peter tried to do the whole spiel, he got interrupted. Meanwhile BvS wasted quite a bit of time retelling a story that basically everyone already knew: Batman's origin story. I think BvS was okay, which is not to say it was good just not horrible, and suffered from some really unnecessary narrative decisions.
X-Men Apocalypse is sure gonna go for a run as opposed to this movie lol I really wonder how they're gonna handle the Mind Stone in Vision's forehead since it's part of the Infinity Gauntlet tho. I'm also having high hopes for Dr. Strange for that reason too (Eye of Agamotto).
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