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SRW Future
IIRC, I think the DS game that did very well was W, a bit more than the GBA games I think. K and L did worse than W which did very well, and W is one of the best portable games too. MX portable was pretty meh port because the loading times kind of hurt it although I think SRW A's PSP port didn't do as well as the GBA's version's sales.

Although with the 360 XO game, if it came out with the 360's launch in Japan it might've done a bit better because the consumer rate for the 360 system also plays a factor for the awful sales of the game, and there is the factor that its a port of a previous console game.

And I think SRW Gakuen for the DS might be the worst selling SRW game, the lord of Elemental games also had mediocre sales but I think it wasn't as finally hurting as those games are made with a lower budget especially compared to the OG games.
J wasn't a DS game. It's vastly visually inferior to even W, too. MX/AP were PSP, so not Nintendo handhelds. Meanwhile Z2-1 was also PSP and did pretty well I think.

Gakuen isn't a SRW, though it is more of one than other Banpresto crossovers and they occasionally count it as one - it's entitled "Supa Robo Gakuen", no Wars/Taisen involved. Its low sales are kind of a shame, as card game video games go it isn't bad (and that's basically what it is.).
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Um... I was referring to SRW games in general this time around rather than just Nintendo. I know MX portable and AP were PSP games which I stated above although I should clarify things a bit better. Although I forgot that J was a GBA game, cause the graphics and engine are so similar to W I put them in the same category, lol.

Although in terms of game development and sales nowadays, a number of franchises that are long running have lower sales numbers than previous console generations. SRW is one of those series whose high sales on the PS2 I doubt could be reached nowadays. I believe Alpha 3 is the highest in the series in terms of sales although I think SRW Z1 did very well too.
I thought Impact was highest on the PS2? But it's close for sure.

The lower sales numbers shouldn't be a shock, after the salad days of the PS2 no console's captured as much in terms of systems sold.
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My bad Mattman324, you were right, Impact did have the highest sales on the PS2 with around 632,000 while Alpha 3 had around 602,000. Z had about 503,000 although I wonder if it was because it came out really late near the end of the PS2's life cycle, and the PS3 was already out by that point that might have affected the sales.

SRW Alpha 1 had the highest sales at over 714,000 units. SRW K sold more than J, although L had about the same sales. I found my info via Akurasu that had sales data from Famitsu, Media Create, and VGC, although don't trust VGC as I've heard they are full of crap sometimes.

SRW A for the GBA had the highest Nintendo sales with about 310,000 although GC sold a bit less than 70,000 sales.
Don't worry the future of SRW is safe with the Kusoge that is XO
Does anyone have any information on what the different SRW development teams have been doing the recent years? Like some form of list och what they produced and when it was released? I have tried to search for it but to no avail as I was curious about what to expect from them in the recent time.

I still really wish for a SRW game for the Switch in the close future.
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As for the interview
IIRC, Terada is taking a break after SRW V. XO is a mobage game like a bunch of other stuff that is out, like Fate GGO and Grandblue Fantasy. Cheap to make and microtransactions make a lot of money. But don't put too much faith into mobile games, its a volatile market that shouldn't be used as a main source of profit, as consumers usually flock to the next shiney thing they see on the market. While its not a bad idea as a side project and another source of income, it is a very bad one to use as a main product, that has ruined other companies, Capcom and Konami being some of the big offenders.
Fate GGO?

And Actually Mobages are not that cheap to make. A lot of the major ones have huge development, licensing, etc costs. As well as up keep. SRW Itself also most likely pays a ton in licensing fees, since collaboration wise, all the special collabs done don't really get much in return other then money for the collaboration.
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