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General SRW Media
Nice work buddy.
I try my best. Just trying to find and pool together all the videos, walkthroughs, and translations about Super Robot Wars and its related franchises into one place.
Thanks DragoEnovy. That's a great list.

However, has anyone else just now noticed that the almost complete Zengar SRW Alpha 2 script translation that was on gamefaqs has been removed? Could anyone kindly PM me the text file if they have it?
Shit! For real?

I read that a long time ago. If we're lucky I should still have a copy of it saved on my old desktop. I'll try to look it up soon as I settle into my new apartment.
Wow, thanks a lot man! It's surprising that it was taken down, given how many hours and work it took to translate almost all of Zengar's route.
Screw it. I'm not waiting anymore. I pulled up the file from the Wayback Machine and uploaded it.
Just checked Chriss, she told me that because its outdated and she is working on a proper translation so she thought it was for the best to take it down for now.
Thanks a lot Ace!

Oh, I see. I had thought it was the website itself. Glad it wasn't.
Just wanted to post about some SRW updates on Youtube:

D180223 is working on X and X-Omega, Steel Seven is doing Shin, and FlamingGnats is doing Alpha 3.
Good news! Brunom1 is all done with SRW UX so head on over to the Let's Play Zone and check it out for yourselves.

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