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Marvel's Daredevil (OUT ON NETFLIX)

[Image: jr4aQ2F.jpg]
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]
That reminds me of Daredevil's EXTREME 90s costume.
So far it's being badass tho. Luke Cage is coming next month, then Iron Fist and finally all 4 of them with Jessica Jones for the Defenders. Marvel is kicking ass so far with Netflix.
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]
Currently, Daredevil's costume is mostly black with red. It's very similar to what he wore when he was possessed by a demon and became leader of the Hand during the Shadowland event.

I hope sometime in the future that Marvel adapts Iron Fist's Mortal Kombat-inspired story arc from the comics.
I started this as a TV-playing-while-cooking-dinner show.

First half of season 1 is slow, close to boring. Its saving grace was Kingpin, Wesley and a few random Catholic references. Not being religious here, I just find that it has become a rarity among western shows. Rare is interesting.

Second half picks up a better pace and Ben Urich's "spoiler" is a nice turning point. 

I just hate how DD suddenly learned to pose for the camera after he got his DD costume. Too obvious, ruined the mood. Bad decision for the director.

Season 2 as usual started slow as well but each episode kept becoming more exciting the more we get of Punisher to the point that Stick and Elektra scenes felt like show-stoppers.

Punisher was too awesome for the show. If the drama on season 1 sucked, even Punisher supplied that engaging drama they were lacking. Punisher shouldered the whole show imo, it was a wise move to minimize Punisher's appearance in the season finale... Cos I could 'ave sworn,  I am watching "Marvel's The Punisher: a Netflix Original".

Edit: somebody on FB mentioned Superman's receding hairline that they gotta rush the sequels, the joke got stuck in my head I always notice Daredevil's hairline also lol.
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