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SRW Live Stream tomorrow

Probably gonna talk about XO I don't expect any new SRW announcement
Yeah, I doubt we'll have any new SRW so soon.
IB4 It's a 30 stage DL only game: SRW OG Time Diver (Yeah, I wish)
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you've been staked.
InB4 Transformers or Magic Knight Rayearth in Cross Omega
"Suparobo Chanel Live, continuing due to popular demand.

The schedule involves information on the developers involved on the Super Robot Taisen series and Super Robot Taisen X-OMG, the program will have gifts.

X-OMG - introduce new entry and new elements

Super Robot Battle series products corner

XOmg questionnaire results


Kenji Akabane (XOMG Asahi voice actor)

Naomi Ozori (XOMG Honoka voice actress)


Oochi Hiroaki"

i believe its just the ordinary thing, announce something for XOMG, some new cards for the card game, show their newest robot figures or something like that, but don't quote me on that its time for a new 3DS SRW, but i don't think that they will announce anything on those streams ever, they will probably announce on a big magazine or even on a game show.
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(05-29-2017, 07:45 PM)Guntank Wrote:

Probably gonna talk about XO I don't expect any new SRW announcement

The three bullet points indicate something else will be talked about, but I'm pretty sure next SRW is either really late this year or really early next year on the 3DS, so a few months until its reveal.

We're likely getting the next cast list extension in X-O though.
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As expected nothing but XO News. Sad
(05-30-2017, 08:54 PM)Guntank Wrote: As expected nothing but XO News. Sad

There were some toys and more about the V-card game.
And some drawing of things, I like the 2nd one the best.
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V card game? Sucks I can't view the stream
what toys were announced?

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