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Main Story Thread (CH8)
[Image: KDaT8qy.png]

Asahi and Honoka are on their rooms, she is feeling down since the last battle (previous chapter), Asahi don't get it and ask what's the problem, Honoka says that its Shatte, she is sure that she is Van Aus pilot, Asahi its not sure, but Honoka them ask if he know another pilot who could handle a Van Ein based machine with such skill, and Asahi understands, he hugs his sister and says that they will bring her back if that's the case, suddenly the alarm sounds, Honoka and Asahi receive orders to sortie, reluctantly they do it.

~~ Battle ~~

by now you are able to handle the stages just be aware that its full of OG enemies, they are strong, and come in big numbers so evade deploying SR units if you are just trying to read the story, some reals like Code Geass units, get blow up real fast on this chapter if you're not paying attention.

After the battle Ao is with his girlfriend and they receive a invitation to a school club by a Stardriver character, them scene changes to Duke, and the Stardriver girls, Duke its sure that they are on to something by now, the girls are acting a little strange, one of them goes out and its followed by a friend, worth nothing the scene changes, and Ribons its holding a meeting with the other villains, looks like he is tired of playing around and will finally put the inovators to use.

~~ Battle ~~

Van Aus is still there, the enemy force is big, inovators enters the scene, Camille, Apollo, Tact and Kira blow a enemy machine just to find out that one of the commander enemies its a girl, Tact knows her, but them Setsuna begins fighting the inovators and to trans-am, the OO Gundam Trans-Am, enables Honoka to enters in fail mind and see who she is, Asahi calls for Shatte, and Honoka as well..but something is very off...Fail don't seem to have a "personality".
 Asahi goes on saying to her that everyone is waiting of her, when she says to him that she have memories of them but can't really says its hers, Honoka them goes out screaming of Asahi to take care she is dangerous, Fail them gives a smile finally and says that she will show Asahi who she is.

Fail says that she remembers them, she knows and call Asahi naive, also says that she is not being controlled, that let Honoka to raging moments, battle break out again

~~ Battle ~~

Trans-Am breaks it don't really works, and they have to fight the Gadessas.
 Duke goes on to contact Oldrin and Suzaku, seems like everyone will send a hand this time.

With the Trans-am off, everything goes back to normal, Fail returns to her battle lust being and Honoka its mad (i think she is a psychodriver) Honoka's will activate Van Ein Alpha again, Asahi don't understand what its happening, Maria is glad that Duke will finally deploy, there's many enemy units and Tact its growing tired, Wako looks over from distance and wants to do something.

[Image: V1jtkE3.png]

one day Wako one day..

Ao its being pursued by our event man (probably to Charzalize him) but not today, since Duke come to the rescue, Grendizer its really strong story wise and take alone loads of enemies.

on the battle Hilling and Revive see Knighmare frames approaching, Ribows give them orders to retreat

~~ Battle ~~

Duke,Maria and Ao enters the crew after saying who they are and etc etc, another entire different meters its Suzaku and Oldrin, that are a little "mad" with Zero, but they put their differences aside this time, Orpheus is there as well, since he was the one that recruited them.

Asahi and Honoka are chatting, about the previous encounter with Fail when Honoka fells something with her newtype powers (i'm saying she is a psychodriver)

and we are being BOARDED, how does this guys enters the battleship? teleport? anyway the characters that where still on the hangars fight them.

while at it Ribows its a pedo and get one of the Stardriver girls that discovers that his sister is a Char 

Char sister its annoyed to see what its happening, but its all one of Ribows plans and etc etc.

~~ Battle ~~

Tact and co enters to save his friend, things get troublesome Fail attack them, Tact somehow make it, when the Stardriver characters, all of them had enough of Ribows crap and attack the innovators.

Zero gives orders around while on the base...Shatte's mother (i think its ther mother) shot Ribows, its killed instead (Rip her no more annoying red boss)

Oldrin and Suzaku confront the Gadessas, they lose.

~~ Battle ~~

everything seems fine OG Villains retreat and Shatte with them again, Asahi laments, them StarDriver villains are now up to a battle.

they rescued the girl and etc etc, chapter ended Shatte is still being a prick.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Word of warning: As the release banner hinted at, the boss of this chapter is Reshbal. It's a Fighter, and it immediately spawns in, and is pretty fast - mooks spawn in behind it (I saw mostly Mazinger mooks). So watch out for that.

Also despite skipping past Ayingott...
Spoiler Show
This chapter still ends the Mizuno subplot the same as the show did. Mizuno gets captured, Marino actually tries to fight back I think because they captured her against Marino's will? Dunno the language just going off the sprites. Then she vanishes. Mizuno gets SEAL UNLOCKED, you fight a few stages in Zero Time culminating in Reshbal, and at the end Mizuno leaves on a ship while Marino shows up again.
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Thanks Mai.
So is Star Driver plot over with all the girls in there care I am not sure how it will continue.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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(06-09-2017, 07:12 AM)thebigb Wrote: Thanks Mai.
So is Star Driver plot over with all the girls in there care I am not sure how it will continue. This is the halfway point for Star Driver. The second seal broke at the halfway point, the third and fourth broke consecutively in the last episode or two. Assuming they do everything in the Star Driver plot - they won't - we still have:

~Most of Head's crew of assholes to fight (they show up briefly when the third seal breaks)
~Psycho Lesbian Arc (aaaaaaaaagh can we please just skip them or go through them quickly they're not interesting and their arc was shit)
~A bit of buildup to the last maiden's identity and some shit with her and Sugata, ending in Sugata joining Glittering Crux
~Head getting Sinpathy
~Takuto punching his father in the face.

Then we have the final fight, in which the third seal breaks, Head uses Sinpathy to take control of Samekh, Head uses Sinpathy to use Samekh to take over all the other Star Driver mechs, half of Glittering Crux rebel and get their Marks, Takuto punches his father in the face again, Sugata's intentions are revealed, and then Takuto and Wako intentionally break the last seal to put Samekh in a position where it is capable of being killed without killing Sugata first.
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