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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
(03-24-2016, 12:48 PM)ryoga316 Wrote: Having quite the conversation in some FB groups over this. Earlier, I even saw some leaked scenes of the film.

The problem is me judging it because I just recently watched Daredevil, which was awesome in its 2nd Season and that too had as much a dark theme as BvS. But I can say this - the cameos seem rather unnecessary for this movie and is just there for the sake of it.

I'm in agreement. As happy as I can be to see other JLA members, they really should stick to the theme. It's bad enough they didn't let Batman develop through a solo film.
Yeah, I know he used to be Not The Shadow and gleefully snapped people's necks back when grandpappy was reading funny books, but it still strikes me as especially poor judgment to fall back to that now, of all times...I'll wait until I actually see the movie before going too far into that, though.

All five hours of it!
My cousin couldn't stop talking about this after seeing it.
Spoiler Show
The wreck of the Black Zero is still in Metropolis.
Gotham City and Metropolis are sister cities, separated by a body of water.
Parademons appear in Batman's nightmare.
Alternate future Flash warns Batman about Superman.
Aquaman is held in a containment chamber (might be a prisoner of Amanda Waller, since she's rumored to have acquired his trident).
Victor Stone is being transformed by a Mother Box.
Batman used kryptonite mist in his fight with Superman.
Luthor knew Superman and Batman's secret identities all along.
Luthor mentions an unnamed threat from outer space coming to Earth (Darkseid).
Superman and Doomsday kill each other.
Well, last check on Rotten Tomatoes, it's down to 30%, but that's pretty much said and done. Now all that's left is the BO numbers. According to the New York Post, the movie was estimated to be made with $250 Million, but must earn $1 Billion at the BO to Break Even.

Looks like it's up to China yet again to make that number, but if it fails, it's going to leave quite a mark as far as the rest of the DCCU is concerned.
Forget Rotten tomatoes

Anyways I saw the movie

Spoiler free review.

The biggest problem with this movie is how incohesive all the story arcs, the narrative was poorly executed as well. Can We just ban Snyder from making super hero movies? He clearly doesn't have the knack for it.
The visuals where fantastic and Batflex is much better than I hoped for. I like this version of Batman where after years of fighting crime, he's somewhat now a dick, a big dick. There was a scene (without revealing much) where they show certain cameos, that scene should have been left out for the post credits, there where a lot of scenes that should have been cut from the movie to make it much better, I know they are trying to build up the Justice League universe but as post credit scenes this would have worked A LOT better.

So about Wonder Woman... Well I never liked Gal Godot's casting but she did well her role. We get some good back story for Wonder Woman which is obviously aiming for the WW movie, I think when Wonder woman showed up was probably the most hype moment in the movie.

Now about Lex... Jesse Eisenberg's Lex luther was a far more mental Gene Hackman Lex, I still think Hackman and Spacey are better Lex luthors than Jesse, I don't blame it all on him, but its obvious this was a miscast. but some of his lines where pretty funny, but others it was cringe worthy.

Doomsday... Yeah His sole purpose was to just fight Superman/Bats and Wonder Woman nothing else, but the fight was good, really good it was this moment that you felt "Hey this feels like a comic book fight, this is fun" Or at least to me.

Overall the movie wasn't great, but it was fun, there where a lot of scenes that should have not been there but its a good way to kick off the DC universe, but for the love of god, find a better director because Snyder can't direct worth shit anymore.

This movie wasn't bad as spiderman 3, Green Lantern, DareDevil or anything like that. This movie is Average/Good as Thor first movie.

...B-Ben-chan... :'(
Okay,... my take:
I enjoyed the first part and the final part. The middle one is kinda ... boring. Some people even snoring behind me lol.
But yeah, Batman is the odd one out here during the final fight. I don't think he can survive at all lol.

And speaking of Doomsday, anyone who read the comics will know THAT will happen.
Quick thoughts on BvS:

It's not as bad as Critics say it is, but it could've been a lot better and it really shouldn't be that long just for the sake of setting up the fight (I got bored throughout the middle of the film). Best goes to Superman's story arc and Jesse Eisenberg as a crazed Luthor. I hate the fact that certain aspects of Batman's character are either changed or removed entirely for the film, and don't expect much from Wonder Woman. Also as I said before, the cameos are there for the sake of it, which is a waste. Finally, playing a certain major story arc of DC on something as early as BvS makes the entire thing not very impactful at all and the more the film drags it on, the less I cared about it.

I'll give a full review in a few days.
I just seen this movie last week. I'm a DC fan and I must say, It is horrible. The pressure to Marvel-fy is very evident in the movie. A number of instances Bat and Supes were out of their usual selves just so they can connect some dots that will eventually lead to a Batman-Superman fisticuffs. I'll just pretend cinematic universe is alternate universe so Old Batman can be stupid and Superman can be irrational. Ugh... I know they need to have the shallow things that movie-goers want to see but... I'm sure there could have been ways that didn't require them to scrap the old formula and disappoint the people with better taste. At least WW fought like a WW should.
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I enjoyed the movie enough to go and see it twice in one weekend, but I will say this: If you can get it, the Ultimate Edition is the version to see. As much as I enjoyed the original release, those extra thirty minutes make a big difference.
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