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Blazblue Cross Battle
I'm really expecting that this teaser its not really the game, and just some made up, because they need to unify the character arts, its so weird having Ragna and Jin on high HD detailed sprites and everyone else looking like from a game from the previous generation, well maybe P4 Arena characters won't need as much work, but UniB characters need, even if its the colors its too clashing with BB when they're on screen, and apparently Ruby model its made on the UniB engine and not on the BB one for some reason, i really hope that they fix that.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Well... UniB is coming out with a updated version for the PS4, but all 3 series in this crossover aside from RWBY Guests have originally come out on the PS3. BB Central Fiction started on the PS3 and got a PS4 port in terms of console releases, UniB is getting the same treatment as I mentioned. P4/U is the only one that did not get a PS4 port, and I doubt it will anytime soon, maybe in the future, or maybe a P5 Arena will come out in the future.

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