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G-Generation Genesis Thread
Since we don't have a G-Gen thread, might as well put this one on.

I cannot confirm this because Bamco Asia's FB page is region-blocked, but according to them, G-Gen Genesis will also get an English release for Asia.
It said "650 Mobile Suits across over 38 works, and not just in Japanese?
SD GUNDAM G GENERATION GENESIS coming to Southeast Asia in ENGLISH! This is huge news! Coming late 2016. ‪#‎PS4‬ ‪#‎PSV‬"

Hmmm. Despite the lack of non-UC, I MIGHT BUY IT NOW!!!
This game isn't going to have Thunderbolt or Beltorchika's Children or Late UC.
I would like Gundam Build Fighters and Try, UC suit's.

Anyway, Top 5 unit's/pilots I want to play with.

Amuro Rei (Nu Gundam)
Yazan Gable (Sazabi)
Quess Paraya (Blue Destiny)
Marida Cruz (Kshatriya)
Illia Pazom (Banshee)
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Wow play G Generation in English will be so weird for me i played in Japanese all my life i might get the Japanese version lol
Whaat?! That's a waste of an English release Mai!
I might buy this game on my Vita. It's a perfect collectible game!
Too bad it lacks G Gundam and Gundam X.
I will try to fight it and get the English release but it will be weird!!! @_@
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I knew we have an SD Gundam G Generation Genesis thread somewhere. XD

New Trailer:

New info ( :
[Image: CnI4TbpUsAA8Ud0.jpg]
According to report, the SD Gundam G Generation Genesis will be the first PS Vita game to use two cartridges. Guess they can't produce 8gb carts eh?
And no more PS3 version at all. It has been abandoned.

I don't think I'm gonna buy this for my Vita, even the English version. Memory card is full! And I seriously doubt this game can fit on 8GB memory, because I already got a bunch of stuffs inside. I even have to delete some games to make way for Samurai Warriors 4: Empires and Senran Kagura Estival Versus.
No, not gonna buy a new memory card either. Maybe I'll grab it on PS4... provided I already have it by the time the game comes out.
November 22nd? So most likely the English version would appear around January?

I do think the "dual cartridge" thing was the reason why we haven't heard anything about this game for a long while. I wonder if the Vita download version would be split in two as well?

I might double dip on this, especially due to the dual cartridge novelty lol

But then again, we're getting a dual cartridge Vita game with just a mainly UC cast... imagine if they went all in.

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2nd PV

I'm concerned that the roster only goes up to Unicorn and not to V Gundam. I guess it's because in G Gen Spirits, once you get the V Gundam, it's a cakewalk beating every other stage until the final one. I'm hoping they tweak the difficulty at least so that even in the harder stages, you still need your OYW MS grunts to pull through.
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Oh right, I didn't notice any V Gundam people.
Looks like there's no F91 too? Sad

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