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Netflix's "Voltron: Legendary Defender"

Looks pretty much as expected from that trailer, which is to say it will almost certainly at bare minimum be decent just by virtue of better character animation than the last one. And so that being said, my feelings about it remain unchanged.

It'll be a one hour first episode + ten mores, so effectively 12 episodes in a sense. Premieres June 10th, earlier than I had been thinking.

It's also worth remembering that this being produced by Dreamworks Animation, and Dreamworks just got bought out by Comcast on April 28th. Obviously, the first season is in the can, but I wonder if that'll have any bearing on if any more gets made, regardless of how well it does. If they just have someone come in and clear the deck for their own projects, well...

At the same time, it would also be pretty stupid to put a black eye on the Netflix partnership they hammered out before this.
It's looking promising. I'm still not holding my breath that it will be amazing.
I wonder what their iteration for Sincline is like in this version :/ After all Lotor was a giant douchebag and I have yet to hear anything about the villains other than it's Zarkon. At least we can see their version of Dai Bazaal and Honerva in the trailer
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4 new videos came out 2 days ago of the series and it seems to add a bit to the plot sort of.


the other 3 you can see it here

so far looks promising, much better than the Voltron Force and far better than the Voltron Dimension if you ask me.
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Okay, this is starting to look better, but I really don't want to get my hopes up for fear of being disappointed.
Couldn't post on Youtube the mashup of the gattai sequence with the GoLion theme song so I placed it on Tumblr instead.

According to Forbes, Joaquim dos Santos mentioned of a series of upgrades coming for Voltron

According to the released biopics, Planet Galra is retained instead of being renamed Doom from the Voltron original. Also like the idea that Allura's castle becomes a battleship and Allura as its pilot. Makes me wish this version of Voltron gets into SRW.
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Quick first impressions of Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix

- Plot is relatively close to the original GoLion Anime and not the Voltron cartoon

- The look and feel of the show is The Legend of Korra + Giant Robots and mixed with sausage fest

- Lance is DEFINITELY Sokka

- Pidge looks, acts, and talks too girly for a boy he'd be mistaken for a trap and guys onto him wouldn't mind, seriously!

- Plenty of anime and other cartoon cameos if you can spot them

- Sucks it has no theme song and soundtrack could be better (the only flaw I can see so far)

Would give a full review later.
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Episode 3 ending twist threw me off left field, seriously.......
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The wife and I binged the entire season ... and loved it. It was a good time. And Zarkon sucks a lot less than Daibazaal did in Golion.
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I agree this is probably the best Voltron I've seen. However, being a Vehicle Voltron fan I'm not going to consider this the definitive version of Voltron until I see that in there somehow.

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