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What Movie you just watched?
Watched Black Panther.
I can only say "Wow".
I usually watch this kind of tribal life movie in cartoons. Now there's a live action one, and it's gorgeous!
I saw Black Panther with my roommate Monday night. It was good but didn't really leave a big impression on me. Seeing it once was enough. Hyped for Antman & Wasp after watching the trailer for it before BP though!
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Watched Tomb Raider. Few thoughts:
1. Alicia Vikander really isn't suited to be Lara. Her face just not Lara enough.
2. It follows 2013 plot. Nice.
Spoiler Show
3. It changes 2013 plot, not nice. Poor Himiko, though.
4. Lara's father is alive. Nice.
5. Trinity from Rise is in. Interesting.
6. I hate Daniel Wu. Sooo yeah.

It's not bad, though.
Watched "Rampage".

I feel like I'm looking at The Rock as Monster Hunter, with his Palico Gorilla, hunting Odogaron and Deviljho.
Right. Stupid fun.
Avengers: Infinity War. Enjoyed it although, in my opinion, it doesn't beat Thor: Ragnarok.

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We know Thanos got his first Infinity Stone from the Nova Corps but we never see it happen.

Thanos has a different motive from his comics version for using the gauntlet.

Ever since his "death" in Captain America, I suspected Red Skull was just teleported away by the Tesseract due to the energy signature. Unfortunately, he's not voiced by Hugo Weaving.

Disappointed that Banner didn't hulk-out of the armor. This is one of the differences from the leaked script.

Just like in the ending of Infinity Gauntlet, MCU Thanos becomes a farmer.

Nick Fury almost says motherf.....

Post-credits scene teases Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel.
Watched it as well. Looking forward to part 2. Big Grin
Watched it the previous Friday, assumed I'd be a little depressed due to certain factors (went for spoilers beforehand), enjoyed it a lot nonetheless (despite being spoiled). Now gotta wait another year for the sequel (and Capt. Marvel). -_-
Can't come up with a striking / smartass / profound sounding line ...
Deadpool 2

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The Vanisher is Brad Pitt!
Watched Quiet Place sometime ago, enjoyed it.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Watched Batman Ninja.
Okay, I really need to rewatch this with Japanese dub.

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