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New SRW (?) to be revealed in December
Come to think of it, a quick and dirty "oh shit this system is actually popular" port of a previous SRW is certainly possible (hopefully in addition to a real new one if that's the case). Although I also wouldn't put it beyond them to have had some faith in the system to before it was out and already started something. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming to the Switch/PS4/Xbox One and that's supposedly mostly done, so maybe a new multi-port isn't out of the question.
(11-25-2017, 04:34 AM)Mai Wrote: its a thanks giving stream according to their site, there's nothing that hints X-OMG this time.

its a new game announce, SRW Swicth probably

(11-25-2017, 07:07 AM)Stripe Wrote: Ug, I hope it's not for the Switch.  More PS4 SRW please! \o.o/

Come to think of it, was the WiiU the only console with no SRW made for it Exclamation
No. Even if you only count Nintendo consoles, there was never a SRW on the Virtual Boy, or the 64 DD. realistically yeah it was the only one that mattered never to get a SRW on it.
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Original Xbox never got a SRW either, back then some Japanese developers were experimenting with the system, cause Microsoft was hungry for anything back then, only to lose majority of JP developer support near end of 360's life.
(11-25-2017, 03:41 PM)yazi Wrote: Original Xbox never got a SRW either, back then some Japanese developers were experimenting with the system, cause Microsoft was hungry for anything back then, only to lose majority of JP developer support near end of 360's life.

Well yeah, counting non-Nintendo consoles there have been quite a few. I seriously doubt the Xbone will get a SRW, the Sega Genesis never got a SRW (it was still a supported console at the time of the franchise starting and for a few years afterwards), and the Neo Geo never got anything either. Plus a few minor consoles and handhelds have come and gone and gotten nothing.
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Yep, and SRW Neo for the Wii was pretty underwhelming too, didn't really seem that popular and the sales weren't good either...

And I'm curious if this new SRW will be multiplatform for PS4 and Switch. Switch does have the portable feature, but to my knowledge a fair number of games that are multi-platform on other systems don't have the best track record when on the Switch, Switch mostly strives on 1st party or exclusive games, although you can chalk that up to games being ported to it awhile after on other systems, along with being watered down usually.
Neo sold... alright, as I recall. It wasn't selling gangbusters, but it wasn't nearly to the pathetic level XO had, or the somehow-even-worse level of OE. (Well, "somehow" - turns out when your game is shit, people don't buy it, and sales are less impressive than a region locked game on a console Japan didn't care about.)

It's a shame, because Neo inspired a lot of fun things, like the regenning SP system, free use spirits, and one-per-scenario restoration items instead of disposables - and getting rid of Melee and Range as separate stats, which I will forever hold out hope that SRW adopts in full - and I think they've got the whole 3D thing down now. Just remove all the bullshit OE lumped on to make it arbitrarily difficult and make Daunt not an instant win and you'd have the foundation for a great game.
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I liked Neo.
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Most likely situation's are

A:It's a PS4 title. If it is, it means that it's either OG5, or Something else that's just going to reuse assets like V did. If it's the former, PS4 only. If it's the latter, PS4 and Vita. There's no damn way in hell they'd not make a vita version when had of Z3, Z3B, and Vs sales were from Vita alone.

B:Rehashed version of Z series, V, etc on Switch

CSadC for Cold Day In Hell) an original title for 3DS

D: An entirely new SRW for witch, which will never happen and if it does will just be more copy pasted V and Z3 assets.

Best case scenario, they shut down X Omega and slake a Mobage that's not a shit version of Chain Chronicle.
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the 3ds games sold well and take less time to produce, they're also not bad games, it can be a last SRW for 3DS.

but i'm still almost 100% sure that is for Swtich, almost all the companies are jumping on the Switch bandwagon with a big tittle saying something like "hey Nintendo we are here..heeeeeeeeeeeeeere" timing its to perfect for that , i somehow doubt its on Ps4 alone the Ps4 games had terrible sales

its also too soon for another OG game, since those are well produced games with less reused asset than the rest, however they filled a entry for a asian version, so so...
Its never too late to start loving again

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