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Monster Hunter World Thread
I don't usually have things to do if I don't specifically hunt for something. So because my battle set is so full that I can't even gather things, I have what I call "Gathering Set", and I just go on my merry way into other people's SOS.

If I happen to run in to the monster, I'll join the fray, else, I'm just gathering stuffs. XD

Kinda like a wandering adventurer, don't you think?
Lol as long as they not hunting temp elders.

I havent been making vids cos i dont have anything different. Until today...
Kushala Daora Kaboom!!!

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Well, I don't join tempered elders without proper equipments, sooo yeah.
Wait. I just thought of this now...
You're like an npc hahaha Big Grin
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