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Super Robot Wars X - PS4/Vita, 3/29 - 4/26 in Asia, English
Finally beaten X.
Have to say this game is better than V.
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Thanks Andy, I'll look into it.
Have beaten X myself. Have to say original characters and original plot is weaker than V but overall is the same quality and standard as V. But did slightly enjoy V more.
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I'm at the final part of the game, around stage 40. IMHO it is better than V, but as a lot of the late SRT games, in the 2nd half of the the game it turns out to be a little repetitive
Overall plot is lackluster compared to V's central plot with Yamato and Mazinger Zero. Originals in X are better than V but that's not saying much especially to most of the previous console SRW original characters are quite better than both V and X. X's originals interaction is alright and the main highlight is Sparrow.

Also one of the weakest epilogues too for SRW in recent years.
X Central Plot of Cross Ange, Gurren Laggan, Nadia and Wataru with a bad slice of Shin Mazinger and Might Gaine.
V Central Plot was Yamato and Crossbone with a really bad slice of CCA and 00.

X was plot was better, however, in X you didn't care about Al-Warth, you didn't want to save it.
V you cared about the Crossbone/Yamato Earth and wanted to save it.

How was Zero part of the central plot of V?

X Epilogue was bad because none of the cast had any attachment to Al-Wrath.
They came to Al-Wrath and that was it, time to go home.

There was none of that, I did it, I won a Super robot war, that past epilogue's had.
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X-Omega: 117807236
FYI for anyone who maybe still wanted the Vita Japanese Premium Sound version, it's half off on AmiAmi at the moment.

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