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Buddy Complex

[Image: tRFhw5E.jpg]

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show

-The main robots getting stolen of course makes room for mid-season replacements, which are naturally set to arrive mid-battle as per anime law.

-Start to get some good robot animation here.

-Gentlemen, don't be like Silver Haired Guy.


I'm Out of Bad Jokes

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-The good robot animation sticks around this time.

-So she's drugged, and then forced to Couple...errr....

-It makes sense they'd be able to execute Coupling between these units, using their own stolen tech. Although, are the Bad Guy Couplers just using the cockpits, or cockpit schematics, or are they actually refitted Luxon/Bradyon? Is the Rising Gundam actually the Shining Gundam???

-As expected, Hina is stuck in a time loop. Amusingly, they both posit this and then show the solved version at the same time.

-"Hey wait, they didn't finish him off..." Leading to the post credits scene. Ooo! Keen!

It seems the two wrap up episodes are not on Crunchyroll, but they are on They do have a free trial if you're in a working region, but otherwise another method may have to be used.

[Image: MMgQghJ.jpg]

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-So while I thought maybe the second half would be full of time travel shenanigans, like, all the time, it's just the Let's Go To Space half. Alright then. Granted, I suppose there could've been more to it until they had to squeeze it into two episodes in a somewhat satisfying matter, but given how bland the first half was...

-Our Second Season Character is Shingo Yabuki, who we see once here and then pretty much never again.

-Reminds me...Pretty Boy sure did ultimately get almost nothing to do after his premiere episode, huh? I wonder if it would've been any different even if it was longer.

-The settings for Former Bad Guy Units Join You Late Game in SRW begin here.

-We move into Final Boss Fight pretty quickly, but no surprise there.


[Image: ft7Kmix.jpg]

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-If only!

-My crazy predictions turned out to be wrong, which is both great, and totally boring.

-He can Couple with himself? Is that like masturbation, or...?

-And of course we finally get a Coupling THREE WAY!!!

-I'm left to assume the reason Buddy and Hina had such great Coupler numbers with everyone is because they were the original test cases/inventors, or whatever. Relieved nobody's a distant relative after all...

-So Decent Bad Guy becomes leader of the Zoviet Zunion, how nice. Also glad things went just fine for Bad Guy Lady, as opposed to what I was fearing. I suppose I should've known that this isn't one of THOSE Sunrise shows.


It's Fine™

The tagline from the first news of the show was "traditional robot action", which suggested it was perhaps trying to be more orthodox than the modern day Sunrise new robot show paradigm of Everything is Batshit Crazy. I mentioned before that this felt like it was constructed by a group of writers (series composition is credited to "BC Project" it appears) who probably have some experience and likely had fun putting together the sci-fi settings and basic plot connection points, but didn't have anyone with a knack for character writing. So, again, some neat ideas, boring characters. There's also nothing particularly abhorrent anyone either, at least. But I do have something of a sense of relief that it didn't end up being as long as it was probably supposed to be, frankly.

So, as expected, it's plenty good SRW fodder and not much else. It works out in such a way that everyone could easily be slotted into simple scenarios, and comes with the benefit of allowing some degree of cheating with other plots, so I wouldn't be surprised if it appears more than once.

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