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Plot Translations
Chapter 3 and 4 added
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Chapter 5/6/7

Ribons rejoin with his forces, and bring them back into position he have new orders to investigate Veda while Revive and Hilling take care of things for a while with the help of Ray, that suddenly its not a inferior life form anymore huh?

Ray notices that Alaws forces are moving strangely, while they battle outside of Veda, Frontal already made his way inside the super computer, he believes that having this information not only will help him decipher his enigmas but also guide his people to the future, however before he advances more the place he meets Ali and Ribons.

after some villains good talk "i'm smarter than you!" "!no you're not huhuhuhu" <--- they don't say that

Frontal is still sure that his plan will be allright he will confront Ribons and Ali, but inside Veda is proving difficult till Embryo reveal himself.

Embryo believes that this is all but a huge waste of ressouces, he don't find Veda as incredible as the others on the room and that makes Ribons worried, Embryo talks with Dr.Hell about how they already solved the thing behind it and need some info, and Ray arrives as backup for Embryo, suddenly a great reunion of strange people begins...

and something blows.

on the space the battle goes on Revival and Hilling sucks and are losing, Ashura also sucks, but luckly Frontal arrives and get rid of Hel and Ashura with the help of Ray

Ribons uses Reborns gundam against the Neo Zeong, now that Dr.Hell escaped, Frontal is his only enemy, the battles goes on until they arrive on a stalemate and Ribons decides to use the Trans Am MS that kamikaze on the enemies.

Frontal -- "Suicide pilots?"

the battle goes on and Frontal is forced to retreat, Ribons calls a victory for now, Neo zeong is destroyed but the Sinanju lives, Angelo its mad and curses everyone else and bla bla, frontal says that its ok they got some data.

on another place Ray gives all the data that Gilbert was asking for, and Embryo was the big winner of the thing since everyone forgot him inside of Veda to fight so he got in got all the data and got out -_- ...

Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Akaitsu Event Ch1:

Its morning and is summer,  is discussing with Asahi the opportunity to watch a drama, she brings up that everyone is watching, Asahi however is more interested in new mecha, however he give up to his sister and they began watching the incredible

"The galaxy starligh school for woman"

its a military school for girls and starting.


Mami is on her way to school, she is a little bored since there's no one to play around with today, she also says that is hard to find a guy now on this school until she meets someone, well its Fail and she ask Mami for cooperation if she want to build up her life around here, but Mami is fine alone she don't want to be see alongside a pevert
, fail argue that she is not a pevert, Mami argue back that there's no way in the galaxy that Fail is not a big pevert, she looks like a big pevert no way around this, and she ask the cops to get the angry peverted lady away from her.
Fail get angry and summon her robot, Mami is not impressed this is supposed to happen around the school of course, Saila appears out of nowhere to save the day saying her full name and etc,etc, (she works on the galaxy police for this event)

Fail its some sort of weird magical girl villain like absorb energy bla bla bl, demanding that they release Mami Saila and Erina enters combat.

~~ Battle ~~

Fail -- i have some weakened girls on my machine take care
Erina -- so that's where they where i heard of more kidnappings
Saila -- you will not get us out of guard

~~ Battle End ~~

Saila -- and this is a show our skill
Fail -- so that's all

Van Aus clashes with the Galaxy Police machine, Saila however dodge the attack one time and that surprises Fail as she releases dark energy from Van Aus and Saila is hit by it, totally overpowered

Erina -- Saila DODGE!

Saila -- The controls won't respond
Fail -- swallowed by this evil aura

Saila machine begins to be eated by the darkness, she fells the lower half of her body losing sensibility, Erina runs with saying that she will return to save Saila.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Today's Story

The day is clear and there's no time to rest for these girls, 3 girls are training their dance moves for a live show, they are Akari, Hinaki and Mizuki the girls finish the training and its perfect, they are happy for the good day of work and exited to the next live soon.

"Akari -- wonder if we will do that good live"

They are talking about the live when they receive a call from Dr.Sena, that its waiting them...

back Akari meet the doc, Sena says that someone comes meet them and she comes from French, soon Hinaki recognizes Erina, and its happy to meet her since she also studied here for some time,

[Image: lFSGFLS.png]

Erina explains that her friend has been captured by Fail, Sena has heard of that name,Erina says that Fail is trying to steal all smiles from the world,and they are trying to catch her,Doctor Sena explains that there's some evil energy that's expanding toward the school students and if they leave it be, it will expand more, the girls are idols and want to bring smiles to people, so it will be troublesome if they can't smile, so they form a space idol alliance when the school is attacked, and they deploy.

~~ Battle ~~

Akari deploys on her apocalyptic machine whose visage is so horrendous that make the enemy tremble and run for their freaking lives, (its also stronger than Neo Granzon), the enemies of course have no chance against such monstrosity.

~~ Battle Ends~~

Fail appears and says  her plans to extinguish the smiles of the idols as well, they of course try to talk her out of it, and after it she summons Saila and Mami, and they both appear.

Erina -- take care, when someone lose the ability to smile they become different.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Thanks for doing this Mai.
Thanks Mai, keep up the good work !
Today's Story

Erina calls out for Saila, but even tough her voice can reach her friend Saila won't respond.

"Fail -- is useless she lost the ability to answer you, she don't have feelings anymore"

Akari stays a little chocked by knowing that the evil aura that Fail control is that strong, however they still need to do something about Saila, and a battle break out again as Erina ask for help of her new partners.

~~ Battle ~~

After the battle Akari shoots her heart beam whatever on Saila and...

~~ Battle Ends ~~

it turns her into a magical girl, whatever happened Saila returned to her senses, Erina alerts her that the battle its not over yet as now Fail try to use Mami, however deep inside Mami's head she fells a voice calling her name and wake up to the visage of the FLCL cast.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Anniv Event:

Tifa,Fudo Gen and Queen Diana, salude all the players, and talk about dimensions and stuff, Tifa ask how your colections is doing and say to expect new things soon.

Honoka and Shatte:

- "Super Robot Wars Cross Omega festival start!"


- "Different from previous years this year we plan to do a race festival"

as Honkers talk with Shatte, some characters begin chit chatting till a big explosion happen a Cross Gate opens and everyone falls into it, shortly after the Solis team arrive, Bertha is revolted because they only now remembered that they exist, as she is warned by Katalina to not fall into the Cross Ga....

well its too late Bertha falls of course and everyone follows her on the rescue mission while doing jokes about her size
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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