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Taipei Game Show: Stage 2 Shown.
Spoilers, obviously, for Stage 2, but much like with V, they’ve decided to show off a version of the second stage.  See here.

Spoiler Show
Shou is already around, so either Stage 1 compresses the first few Dunbine episodes or we’re skipping past the “Shou works for Drake” bits.

Ryujinmaru’s debut, also Senjinmaru shows up, I guess because they felt like holding it back a stage or two was dumb.  (To be fair, it is.)

Animations look alright to good, which is nice since these are all new.

But I think the standouts are those lovely Dunbine Tobu and STEP remixes, unf.  Sounds fucking amazing.  Ryujinmaru’s summoning theme is also in, and is pretty much just from the show.  Also the entire summoning sequence is ripped from the show, ha.

EDIT:  Two more videos have surfaced.  One is just a reairing of PV1, but the more notable one is pizza butt.
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That C.C. is the same as SRWZ3, but with an extra butt.
I really like the title screen as well as the backgrounds used in the battle scenes. Other than that, not much to mention except that it's SRW as we know it from the last years.
Z3 C.C cutin was better with her face and smug
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