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The Tekken Thread
So I decided to pick up the gamepad and play Mishimas online because I just want to vent some frustration. It was a good coincidence that they don't have ranks so I got low ranks to play ragdoll with. It was a good bit refreshing but waiting for opponents is boring and I don't want to put too much stress on my thumb again so I quit after a little over half an hour. But it was good to see that my reason to pursue this, though a negative emotion, was enough to compensate for my lack of practice. In internet lingo, "triggered". 

I forgot to check how to do their rage arts/drives though Big Grin

[Image: tycy5266cc.jpg]
The first time in Tekken 7 with 4 bars. Yeah. Imma upload our session later, there are a couple of vids before that.

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