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SRW/Virtual-On Roundtable Talk (Translated article from Dengeki Online)

Original Dengeki Online article
thanks for the translation

i really like Oochi view on mobile games, its pretty refreshing and nice, and like Terada i also get motion sickness from playing things that moves too fast
Its never too late to start loving again

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Woah, I like to read this. Thanks for the translation! Big Grin
Quote:For some reason, a ton of fans were convinced that Sakura Wars would never make it into SRW.

I was told this as well, I could never understand why?
I am just happy to know that was never the case.

Quote:Some fans claim that once an IP shows up in SRW X-Ω, it'll never make it to a home-release game, but that's absolutely untrue

I can't wait for Power Ranger and Megaman on a home-release, oh and Zegapain as well.

Quote:I've got an idea for a roster entry that's gonna knock the socks off of the X-Ω team!

What could this possibly be for hyped than Megaman and Power Rangers?

Quote:Is this the thing you mentioned to me this morning? The one that made me go, "Are you nuts?"

Transformers, Digimon, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Batman, Pacfic Rim? 

Quote:That's the one! (laughs) Lately I've been getting more proposals with the reasoning that if we've broadened our horizons this much, surely such-and-such could fit too. If something controlled by a computer counts as a robot, the sky's the limit.

controlled by a Computer... So Transformers or Digimon...
Attack On Titan, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z, Fate Stay Night?

Quote:But I'm still beating myself up for not shoehorning them into the plot proper. If they ever get featured again, I definitely want to work them into the story.

Didn't you do the plot proper in SRW K?


Thank you for the Translation, it was fun to read.
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(03-23-2018, 11:44 AM)thebigb Wrote: Didn't you do the plot proper in SRW K?

Sort of, but it was just Temjin, Ahmad, Fei Yen, and eventually WK Temjin on the ally side, and the basic Temjin is fucking garbage (Hatter and Fei weren't significantly better, WK was god tier but joins like two or three stages from the end). It was insulting to fans of the game.
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Nier Automata Terada, make it happen
Its never too late to start loving again

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