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Super Robot Wars X-Omega revival thread
I'm triggered Ange needs a new Pilot part, with the hair losing the cut due to growing and a more happy face, also where is Omega Kallen PP game? where?

Omega Ayanami i let it slip since she is a support unit anyway and she have some skills to put to use, but Ange's and Haman need new PP, Haman don't have a voiced one yet so i have hope for her, but Ange need a update.

and i'm back to the game people

did my pulls got Omega Rei to 80 set for the event, this past months was hard for me to find time and more important, wanting to play the game, not only this but many others, now i'm ok again and back on some Mobages....

but i had cut the share of them a lot i probably have enough OMG to farm to try this banner
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

(Yesterday, 08:24 AM)Mngalahad Wrote: Ooooh, I see how it works. Yeah, I have Chizuru. Its fine; I wouldn't want to trouble you too much. This has helped me a lot.

So far, Ange just doesn't die because she has the 99 times toughness. Except to burn. But I couldn't kill dodge users because I dont have that many gems anymore. If I increase her stats with Chizuru and have nena trinity increase their dodge, I think she just wont lose. Just one thing, how many times can Chizuru boost the stats of the unit in front of her?

also, is it recommended to use taiki Chizuru or regular SSR?

I just noticed ange can break through the shinkiro.

Regular Chizuru is fine enough, like most turn based ability, you can use it up to 10 times in a row. And she boosts everyone on the field, not juste people in front of her. 

Ange can break through anything after she managed to hit someone with her hissatsu, since it disables everything (armor / barrier / etc).

(Yesterday, 09:43 PM)Mai Wrote: I'm triggered Ange needs a new Pilot part, with the hair losing the cut due to growing and a more happy face, 

You can use her old PP and just custom-choose her Omega face / hair / smile ... if you want
oh, thanks, I didnt read the part for the 10 times. Right now, I have a total of 19 v cost so I put an SR on front to take an attack and it comes in handy a lot. like for combattler vs or anything that would otherwise reach the last column.
There are PLENTY of cost 1 SR units worth using right now, you can just put, for example, SR Soulgain in front of your two other units (soulgain > vilkiss > chizuru's unit), to act as a shield (he has toughness+), to buy you some time and get Chizuru to act at least once or twice depending on your PP setup.

You can also use SR units as decoy in arena : if your opponent has side units that can't bypass bunshin / barriers, you can use SR Weissritter (100% bunshin) or SR NeoGranzon (100% barrier) to bait those units while you focus on the others.

I usually use the SR Phenex in most of my teams, just to get rid of Shinkiro type units (units with some very troublesome barrier/armor abilities, like Zero / Shinkiro / etc).

The team I use in arena most of the time is not really meta, but works very well for now : Shinkiro center (speed boost and buffs) and depending on my opponent, a mix of : Honey (damage) / Honey universe version (accuracy) / SR Phenex (debuff) / Grendizer (tank) / Chizuru (buff)

Reaching Gold 3 or Platinum every week for now ...
wow, thats crazy. I didnt get shikiro so Ill keep seeing how this works out thanks :) I have quite a few of those SR like neo granzon so ill give them a try.
thats accuracy boosting ange is the best. I can kill shin just as I always wanted since I played this game ^_^ and since watching gundam seed destiny.
So which will win?... an attacking gold frame or a defending omg Ange?

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