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Persona 5
[Image: Chslp4ZUoAUbEYa.jpg]

It's coming out! For PlayStation 4 and 3 on September 15th, 2016. Japanese first.

So, Persona 3 main theme is "guns", Persona 4 main theme is "glasses", while Persona 5 main theme is ..."masks".
Looks super awesome. And there's Igor too.

Expect the English version in .. 2017. Angry
Cool. I'm been putting myself in the dark when it comes to Persona 5 news. It helps me contain my excitement.

Hopefully, I have a PS4 by 2017. Persona 5 is going to be amazing.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Persona 5 comes out next year !!
[Image: Persona-5-Collectors-Edition.jpg]
Collector EditioN!

A closer look at the box art:
[Image: IKiXh1e.jpg]
And we got some offscreen gameplay video!
So apparently the great cry of agony is happening over Persona 5 not being dual audio, and Atlus has come out and said they are looking for ways to allow that, it will be an uphill battle to get it at all. This at first seemed odd to me. This seems, at least on the technical side, like a simple but not easy task where they would have to create a function that checks if the configuration is set for English or Japanese dialogue then play the correct version of audio, and then set it for EVERY SINGLE line in the game, then test it. Not a complicated task but one that will still require a lot of effort.

However, I suspect the issue is probably business related. It's likely that the game has some reverse importing concerns where the Japanese may buy the North American release and then play it on their systems because the NA release is cheaper than the native release. One way of putting a stop to that would be to disallow Japanese audio on the game, in hopes that most Japanese speakers won't want to test their English that well. If I'm correct, and that's the reasoning why Japanese audio will not be on the game disc, and the only other option is region locking, I'd rather have an English dub only release.
This is why Tecmo Koei opt on Asian only English release with Japanese voice only for select games. Too many people will complain about "No dub no buy!" or "No JP Voice no buy!" and stuffs like that. Even Bandai Namco does that with SRW.

Personally, I'm glad the game comes out in English. Dub or no dub, I'll still grab it. It is Persona afterall. I can just simply turn off the voice if I don't like the English dub, just like Persona 4 Golden.

Anyway, E3 Trailer!
Very nice trailer. Yeah, I've always intended to get Persona 5 regardless, but people will complain. I'm curious as to the reason why that is the case, but I don't suspect many of the whiners care why. They only want to get it their way.
I don't really care but if they just release it in English only. They need to drop the honorifics or at the very least, use them properly, especially if you don't include the original audio track.

Honorifics have no place in an English translation.
That is not the case. In translation theory there is the concept of Foreignizing translations, where (among other things) elements that are not translatable (called realia) are left intact when it is judged that their removal would cause a net loss of meaning.

In the case of Persona 3 and 4, where interpersonal relations have great importance, the removal of honorifics would make less evident the highly hierarchical structure of japanese society and remove some of the layers of detachment/very gradual friendships contained in the original text. To maintain them is a valid decision by any standard; keep in mind that foreignizing translations happen even in high literature, so this isn't just a case of localizators being silly japanophiles.

That said, i see you say " using them properly "; did they keep honorifics but changed their use? I've played both 3 and 4 in japanese, so, i have no idea about the actual translation. In that case removing them outright would seem somewhat preferable, as they would only present an illusion of accuracy while masking a loss of actual information from the text.

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