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The Musketeers
[Image: image.jpeg]So I was supposed to cook dinner while the family is away and just wanted something playing on the TV while doing my kitchen chore. I decided the show looked nice and told meself I haven't seen a musketeer show in 2 decades.
When they got back home, I was still at the chopping board and told them the awesome gem I found on netflix. Made them watch the first 2 episodes while I did what I was supposed to be done with.
We got instantly hooked. By the time we finished season 2, everything else on netflix looked lame.
You just gotta get past English people portraying French people in English accent. But it was awesome.
Too bad there ain't a Gotham S3 and Ash vs Evil Dead S2 yet...
Mega Nutrients
Thanx for posting about this. A LOT of my friends have been recommending this to me for quite some time now but can't seem to garner the interest. I think I'll really force myself to give it a shot now.
[Image: 1xgs6Oy.gif]
Glad to know I actually contributed something to the group. Nice to hear from you, Boss.  Smile

Edit: Btw, internet told me season 3 starts April 2016. So I assume we already have one or two S3 episodes out now. But I'll wait til next year for the full package. Waiting for every episode is purgatory.
Mega Nutrients
Wow, first time hearing about this show! Interesting..

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