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Rumor of SRW for Switch, SRWNX
Super Robot Wars Next Cross
[Image: srwnx0148uiy.jpg]

[Image: srwnx02vvuxu.jpg]

Source? Don't ask me. Thing's kinda floating on the net.
I figured out some of those entries like Dunbine (both the TV show and New Story), Mazinger Z Infinity, and Fafner EXODUS, but what's the whole series list?

EDIT: Just figured out some more entries: Gundam AGE (who knows what arc it will be thought), Gundam Reconguista in G, Mazinkaiser SKL, Combattler V, Voltes V, Godannar (both seasons), and GaoGaiGar FINAL.
Ok, I'll list it:
- Demonbane
- Fafner EXODUS
- Linebarrel of Iron
- Dunbine
- Dunbine New Story
- Gundam AGE
- G-Reco
- Majestic Prince
- Valvrave
- Combattler V
- Voltes V
- Koutetsu Jeeg
- Godannar
- Godannar 2nd Season
- Mazinger Z Infinity
- Mazinkaiser SKL
- New Getter Robo
- Gaogaigar Final
- Gun X Sword
- Dagwon
I'll admit that if this is a fake, it's a pretty convincing one, especially considering some of the "out there" choices from the previous two SRW _X games: UX and BX. Too bad they forgot to put in the SD Gundam entry like in the previous two games.
Interesting.. there's only one Gundam entry? Not that I'm complaining. Really glad that these newer entires are forgoing the use of SEED.
^G-Reco is a gundam, though.
Gundam Reconguista in G, remember?
I dunno about this... Mazinger Z Infinity just came out THIS year in January... SRW usually waits close to 2 years for it to be added it... there isn't even a home release for it.
To borrow from another fanbase:

[Image: 558.jpg]
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Well, it's a rumor.
But hey, Mazinger Infinity did make an appearance in SRWXOMG.
While we are on the subject, how often do any of these SRW rumors actually end up being true? For a new upcoming game that is long before being announced. I'm asking this as a legit question, not being sarcastic here.

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