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Kinda disappointed with SRWOG:TMD
Great info guys. I guess another lap wouldn't hurt.
I'll just squeeze this game into the other I'm currently playing. Big Grin

But I think you guys are right. I enjoyed OG 2nd more than this one. I even finished that game several times.
Geshpenst Type S FTW!
Yeah, OG3 was definitely better.

OG4/MD was just too damn tiresome, and a lot of it just dragged on and on. Especially all of the earth route splits. It's definitely not the game you want to rush and should just do little by little as you have time.
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Wait, I'm confused. Isn't the PS3 OG was Dai-Ni-Ji Super Robot Wars OG?
The GBA one got retconned into SRWOGs, right?
Not really retconned just re titled a bit to resell it for the PS2 but Even in Original Generations you flat out select between OG1 and OG2. And OG Gaiden being 2.5

Original Generations the 2nd for PS3 is OG3, Dark Prison is 3.5 and Moon Dwellers OG4.

Terada had even flat out said it either way is correct. just that OG1/2/3/4/ etc is the way the games are mostly referred to ass. Since even if they were in the one PS2 game, OG 1 and OG 2 are still their own seperate games, the Aerogator Wars and the Inspectors incident.
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